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6 keys to burning more fat running

6 keys to burning more fat running
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If you’re running, you’ve probably wondered more than once how you can burn more fat by running. The way you train, the kilometres travelled, the time or the speed are factors that determine your energy expenditure in the race and also the amount of fat you suppress. Find out how to bring them together to achieve unbeatable results.

6 keys to burning more fat running

Running, cycling or swimming are aerobic activities, which involve burning a large amount of ‘fuel’ so that your body can perform them. It must be clear that when you run, your body first thing it consumes is the direct energy provided by carbohydrates (glucose and glycogen). To get rid of fat by running your body has to feel the need to pull its fat reserves and there are small tricks effective at the time of achieving it.

How do you lose more fat with running?

You want to suppress the localized fat when you run? If with each training, apart from increasing your running power and endurance, you want to gain muscle definition by reducing fat tissue, take note of the keys to burning more fat while running:

1. Choose a low intensity rhythm

In race, the energy expenditure depends on the peculiarities and physical form of each person but, normally, trainers and specialists agree that to burn more fat running the ideal is to maintain a steady and moderate pace. This is not to say that you can not include some sprint or a high-speed interval of a few seconds or a stretch of more difficult race, for example, in slope, but always and at all times returning at a pace that you are comfortable and in which you can hold at least 30-forty-five minutes. In order for you to get an idea, the convenient rhythm would be the one that would let you jog while you have a chat.

6 keys to burning more fat running

2. Control your heart capacity

Running at a gentle pace means not demanding more than fifty percent of your heart – seventy percent of its ability to pump the bloodstream. In a stretch at high speed, your heart rate is going to be higher and will use the “explosive” energy given by carbohydrates, that is, in that stretch you are going to burn countless more calories, really, little amount of fat piled.

3. Watch your posture in the race and move your arms

It’s the way to achieve greater care and scorch more calories by running in each and every stride. Train with the abdomen and the contracted buttocks, because in this way, without realizing it, you also train strength and desire definition while you burn more fats running.

4. Diet Matters

What you eat before training and your frequent diet will also influence when it comes to getting rid of more fat by running. Generally, it is not advisable to go for a fasting run. It is preferable to have a light snack, excluding carbohydrates that are rapidly absorbed.

The idea is that you have enough energy to start the exercise but that, after a time (+ / – thirty minutes), your body is forced to look for that energy in their fat reserves. A good suggestion is to include a drink with thermogenic properties such as tea or coffee. They are drinks that increase the anatomical temperature accelerating the basal metabolism, something that transforms them into perfect allies if your objective is to burn more fat while running.

6 keys to burning more fat running

5. Take advantage of EPOC

With these initials, the term EPOC refers to the body’s consumption of extra oxygen after exercise with the aim of promoting restoration. If you want to burn more fat running, train as we have indicated, at a gentle pace, but finish with a few seconds of greater intensity, so that your body continues to demand energy once the session is over. This way, you’ll pull on your fat deposits over multiple hours.

6. Rest and also hydrate yourself enough

Remember that it is essential to give your muscles the precise restoration time after exercise. After a long race of at least forty-five minutes at a moderate pace and perhaps finishing with a high intensity interval, it’s time to stop and let the oxygenation process continue and assist you in removing more fat after running. Adequate hydration is basic for the “dissolution” and expulsion of those fats that you want to disappear.

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