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If you want to stay in shape and train at home, you can set up your gym at any time and always keeping in mind the space you have and the kind of exercises you want to do. If this is your idea, take note of the machines to include in your gym.

The 2 options, training at home or in gym, have advantages and disadvantages and each person can select the one that best suits them or even combine the two. If you have an ideal room, with high ceilings, sufficient space and convenient ventilation, you can set up your gym incorporating the necessary machines, perhaps little by little, always and at all times depending on your budget.

The equipment you need to set up a home gym

With this possibility, you will be able to create a gym at home tailored to your needs, but remember that, regardless of your type of training and your preferences, the ideal thing to do is to combine machines and accessories that facilitate both aerobic exercises and strength work, so that your fitness room has the basic equipment that leaves varied routines.

1. Treadmill

It is one of the easiest devices to use when it comes to complete cardiovascular activity. If you have doubts between running on a treadmill or outdoors, you will be interested to know that the treadmill will let you do it in a minimum space. If you are only going to use it as a warm-up or for a few minutes of daily running, it will be enough for your treadmill to have a cover that is one hundred and forty-one to one hundred and fifty centimetres long and between forty-five and fifty-five and fifty-five wide. In a few square meters, you will get all the advantages of the continuous race.

2. Static bike

If your goal is to stay in shape and burn fat daily, this is one of the machines that you can't miss in your gym. Pedaling is an intense exercise, essentially working on the lower body, and the exercise bike allows you to ride it in a minimum amount of space. A basic exercise bike, with 2 or 3 resistance levels, is not excessively expensive and will let you practice sport at home in total comfort.

3. Elliptical

Depending on your level of training, an elliptical can also be one of the best machines for your gym. Beginning to train with the elliptical is a very complete alternative, as it works hard with each and every one of the large muscle groups while achieving an essential number of calories burn in each of the sessions. At a gentle pace or in high intensity training, it gives great results and is a good investment if you are determined to set up your gym at home.

4. Weight Bench

If there is one indispensable factor in a home gym, it is the multifunction weight bench. It is essential to carry out strength training with dumbbells and to practice a multitude of exercises with which to work chest, back, biceps, triceps? The bench is also going to be very helpful when doing other exercises such as abdominal exercises and, if you train with a bar and discs, you can complement it with some support (power back). If you're thinking of setting up your gym at home, the bank should be one of your first purchases. You have them from the most basic and easy to the most complete, with essential cost differences. If you have little space, folding is the best option.

5. Domination bar

It is not exactly a machine, but it is also one of the essential elements that you should include in your training room at home. They take up little space (some of them simply fit into the frame of any door) and are essential for strength training.

These are the machines that you may find most interesting when setting up your gym at home, although there is a second chapter on other complementary elements such as: flexible bands, dumbbells, jump ropes, kettlebells, Swiss balls? If you wish, little by little, you can have a splendid gym without leaving home.

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