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Did you know that it doesn't take an excessively long training session to achieve great results? Compound exercise routines can be really efficient in increasing the rate of your metabolism and thus getting your body into tune over a greater number of hours a day.

So if you decide to speed up your training whether it's on a certain day or you want to introduce it as a part of a training, to get unbeatable results more spending perhaps half the time than a normal entertainment this is your chance!

For the next movements we suggest that you choose 2 different weights, so that you can play with the differences in resistance, using the heaviest weight along the first half of the exercise board and the one with the lowest weight in the surplus (the routine is also adapted to do it with the anatomical weight instead of with the weight).

Initial movements

How they work: You will have to do the next 4 exercises about ten to twelve repetitions each of them, this would be a circuit. At the end of each circuit, it rests for sixty or ninety seconds.

1 - Deceased Sumo Weight with chin paddle

  • Standing, with your feet open wider than the width of your hips and your feet outward, hold the Russian weight with both hands and extend your arms.
  • It performs the sumo weight movement, bringing the hips back face to face and subtly bending the knees face to face with the ground.
  • Get back on your feet, pushing with your hips facing forward and squeezing your buttocks in unison with the weight on your face and chin.

Let go of the high traction movement of the weight and focus on perfection in the movement of the dead weight.

2 - Thruster with one arm

  • Stand with your feet open to the width of your hips and hold a weight with your right hand, while your arm is bent resting on your shoulder.
  • Keep your left arm outstretched to support your balance.
  • Do a squat, holding the core tight and the spine neutral.
  • When you're going to stand up, squeeze your buttocks and lift the weight above your head.
  • Go down and repeat, try to make all the movement as fluid as possible.
  • Make four to six repetitions and switch sides.

Master this weightless move. Now, move into a squat situation, keeping your weight with both hands at chest level.

3 - Kettlebell Swing

  • It begins with the feet open to the width of the hips and the Russian weight on the floor between the feet.
  • Send hips face back and slightly bend your knees to pick up the weight with both hands.
  • Pivot your arms a couple of times in a row and put the weight back on the floor. Always and in all circumstances with the back straight, pushing the hips face forward and tightening the buttocks.
  • Then he repeats.

4 - Reverse strides

  • Stand with your feet open at hip width and keep the Russian weight at chest height.
  • Take a reverse stride by stepping back with your right foot and bending both knees 90 degrees.
  • Squeeze your left buttock and bring your foot face forward to return to its original position.
  • Repeat with on the other side to fill 1 rep.

Final movements

How they work: With the last 2 movements you will have to set a timer of four or five minutes in which you must do two repetitions of each exercise. Repeat the 2 exercises again by raising two repetitions on each and every circuit. That is, two repetitions of each exercise, then four repetitions of each exercise, then six repetitions, and so on until time runs out. Get as little rest as possible.

5 - Windmill

  • Stand with your feet slightly open wider than your hips, holding the Russian weight up with your right arm straight.
  • The movement is all about always and at all times leaving the weight up while you turn your body sideways, until you touch the floor with your hand.
  • Then pivot and put the body back straight.

6 - V-Up with only one arm

  • Lie on your back holding the Russian weight with both hands.
  • Lean forward and at the same time raise your right leg until you touch the weight with the tip of your foot.
  • Return to the initial situation and repeat with on the other side to fill 1 repetition.

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