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Abdominal exercises

6 musculation exercises essential for runners

6 musculation exercises essential for runners
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Training to run not only involves doing a number of kilometers per day at approximately speed. If you want to prosper your brands as a runner and achieve your goals do the bodybuilding exercises for runners that we propose and you will gain in power and endurance.

6 musculation exercises essential for runners

All major muscle groups intervene when filling a race. Not only does the undercarriage work at the limit to advance at each and every stride, the arms, which increase the momentum, and the central zone, the core, essential for balance, are essential in running practice. Muscle building exercises for runners assist in achieving proper posture and also contribute to avoiding injuries, by the fact that they not only affect muscle toning but also, in addition to this, the strengthening of joints and tendons. With them, you will increase your endurance, improving your lung capacity and making sure that fatigue does not appear while you run.

Runner strength training is based on combined exercises involving as many muscles as possible. You must do them without weight or with a moderate weight and without abusing the number of repetitions. It is not a question of arriving exhausted to the race, but rather of doing it in unbeatable conditions to support more and advance with more power.

Bodybuilding routine for runners

In addition to starting a cross-training for runners, in which you combine your running sessions with other sports such as swimming or cycling, the next exercises are the perfect complement to your training races. To do them once or twice a week is enough to appreciate their effects. Always remember to ask a personal trainer at all times to solve your doubts and design the best training plan according to your needs:

6 musculation exercises essential for runners

1. Squats

It’s an essential bodybuilding exercise for any runner. At least at the beginning, do the weightless squats until such time as you master movement and posture perfectly. Move your legs slightly apart and lower your buttocks without touching your heels. With this exercise, you work intensely on the lower body, so that your quadriceps gain strength, to strengthen your legs when running and to become your best allies when running.

2. Heel lift

You can not miss in the work of bodybuilding a runner by the fact that raising the heels, you strengthen your ankles to run and get twins that support everything. It’s an exercise as easy as it is effective and putting it into practice (tiptoeing and going back down) not only prevents possible injuries from a bad footfall, but also this will improve the momentum in each and every stride.

3. Pelvic lift with fitball

Lie down on the ground and put your heels on the ball with your knees bent. Your arms should be outstretched throughout your body. Nail your heels into the ball as you lift your pelvis and contract your buttocks. This strengthens your lower back and improves your running posture. You can do the exercise without the ball, but with it you work more intensely the balance (you must try not to move), something also essential for a runner.

4. Abdominals

They are basic to strengthen the muscles of the log and get them to act as a perfect “corset” that allows you to hold the posture in race. To include in your training two or three series of ten ? twelve reiterations abdominals, is an infallible formula to have a strong core that makes you simpler each step.

6 musculation exercises essential for runners

5. Lunge

It is another of the indispensable muscle building exercises for runners. Include in your routine the frontal lunges, with or without weight, and try that when bending the knee it does not exceed the tip of your foot. With this movement, you will gain momentum and power, improving your footfall regardless of the surface on which you run.

6. Flexions

The planks are ideal for working the arms, improving balance and increasing endurance. Make them frontal (looking at the ground) and also lateral, always and in all circumstances trying to support a few seconds the posture. Sometimes we forget that the arms are as essential in running as the legs and this exercise of bodybuilding for runners is ideal to hold them in shape and get you more momentum in each and every stride.

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