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Maintain your silhouette, remove a few extra pounds and feel more diligent and strong... You can do this by eating a balanced diet and doing some physical activity that gets your whole body going. Apart from swimming, running or cycling, do you know the new sports to stay fit?

There's no excuse for not encouraging you to burn calories in the most entertaining way. In recent times, alongside traditional activities, other disciplines have emerged that surprise with innovative exercises that combine, for example, yoga with daring acrobatics or dance with fitness. These are original sports that help you lose weight while running away from your routine.

With them you will achieve a great physical condition, eliminating fat with speed and improving your cardiovascular health. They are perfect both for starting to practice sports and for those days of"active rest". If you are one of those who considers that getting moving always and at all times means energy and well-being, dare to take up certain sports activities that will be imposed at least await you.

They have in common that they work the whole body and that they represent an essential calorific expenditure. Besides this, they are activities that surprise, amuse and also imply an essential physical sacrifice even if it doesn't seem so. We leave aside the strangest sports that are known, among the new sports to take care of you by eliminating fat and gaining strength stand out:

1. Sh?bam

It's the ultimate way to combine dance and fitness in a moderate-intensity aerobic activity, ideal for virtually the entire planet. Agility, flexibility, coordination of movements? All this in a forty-minute Sh?bam session in which you can lose about five hundred calories. It's akin to a zumba, but not exactly the same. Here, electronic music, jazz or Latin rhythms are mixed in different choreographies of easy steps but truly effective if the goal is to shape the figure.

2. Elipdoor

Tone your legs, thighs and buttocks by getting rid of all the extra pounds with this refreshing sport to keep you in top shape. It is similar to spinning, but it is practiced on the elliptical, changing rhythms, intensities and stride genre, everything, logically, to the sound of music.

3. Aeroyoga

If you don't know it, this mix of yoga, pilates and circus movements will surprise you. The aeroyoga is practiced with the help of a wide ribbon, a kind of hammock that is supported on the ceiling. Challenging the very gravity, different exercises are carried out, of greater or lesser intensity, always and at all times combining relaxation with hard work. This discipline is not only a new sport to lose weight but also an exceptional way to combine 2 sports, gain flexibility and strengthen muscles in harmony.

4. TRX

Continuing with the"high altitude" sports you can also try a TRX training consisting of aerobic and strength exercises with your feet suspended in the air with the help of a device (the TRX) that is generally fixed to the ceiling to achieve this end. This is a demanding routine ideal for losing weight and strengthening, for which you must be prepared, but the results, when losing fat and strengthening muscles, are splendid.

5. Afroaerobic

It has more and more followers and is that the Afroaerobic is an original exercise to keep you in shape. Imagine an arerobic session that incorporates the rhythms and movements of African dances. If you don't know which group class to select in the gym, with the Afroaerobic you can work on all the great muscle groups in the most entertaining way to stay fit and burn calories with each new choreography.


More than just a new sport, it is a form of training consisting of one or more low-intensity aerobic exercises, while maintaining the level of sacrifice incessantly. The Low Intensity Steady State (LISS) demands a routine of at least sixty minutes, in which you can cycle, swim, walk lightly, work on the elliptical, paddle? always and always do aerobic activities, for a long period of time and at a low or moderate pace, the result? Less fat and more resistance.

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