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6 questions you should ask your personal trainer

6 questions you should ask your personal trainer
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Having the knowledge and support that a personal trainer can give you is a great opportunity to make the most of the time you spend on your training. Chatting with him and solving your doubts is basic to take advantage of this advantage that you have at your fingertips. Take note of the questions you should not stop asking your personal trainer and that we are now revealing to you.

6 questions you should ask your personal trainer

Especially if you start at the gym or is the first time that you have an exclusive trainer for you, surely you propose essential questions related to both the training and experience of the professional, as with the training itself.

What should you consult your personal trainer?

Before starting training, have confidence and ask your personal trainer anything you care about or want to know. It’s essential to start, on the right foot, a relationship that will undoubtedly help you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself:

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Training, experience and training methods

Asking your trainer about his professional career and how he works is essential to know what a personal trainer should have and whether he is the right person to plan and continue your trainings. Possible questions may include:

1. What is your training? It is not essential that a personal trainer has a specific degree, but it is recommended that they have studies related to physical exercise and sport (if they have completed a Degree, better). Ask your trainer, in addition to this, if he has basic knowledge of anatomy and nutrition, essential in 2 fields: at the time of preventing injuries and to establish the most appropriate diet in your case.

6 questions you should ask your personal trainer

How is your work procedure and training philosophy? It is a key question, because each monitor trains in a certain way. For some, motivation and perseverance are essential pillars, but progress is slower. Others, on the other hand, want to offer their service customers fast results and demand total commitment when it comes to complying with their instructions, no matter how hard they may be. Know the procedure your potential trainer is following and decide.

three. Specialty and level of training. It is essential to ask your personal trainer about his or her specialization in a particular sport or activity: running, crossfit, bodybuilding, aerobics? Also, it is convenient for you to know if as a general rule it trains beginners or people who have already been introduced to sport, in order to know if it is the trainer that is convenient for you.

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Ask your personal trainer about what your training will be like

The foregoing are previous questions that you should clarify before choosing your possible personal trainer. If his profile fits your expectations, it’s time to focus on specific questions about how you’ll be trained in each session:

6 questions you should ask your personal trainer

4. What routine would you choose for me? Evidently, he is not a fortune-teller and before asking the question you will have to tell him your goals and talk about your habits related to sports practice. Inform yourself well about the planned routine: training days, duration of sessions, essential exercises, intensity, repetitions? the more details you know about your personalized training plan, the simpler it will be that your trainer’s and your trainer’s objectives coincide.

5. When will I see the first results? It’s a question you should ask your personal trainer to avoid false hope. Make it clear what your objective is: to lose weight, increase endurance, gain definition… and ask for professional information about the different stages of training you will carry out and about the approximate moment in which you will appreciate the first satisfactory results. A good training professional will know how to calculate approximately.

6. In what way and where do I start? We know that the first days of training are always and at all times the most difficult, so do not hesitate to discuss with your personal trainer any issue that concerns you, from the most convenient equipment you are going to need, to the ideal diet that you should start to continue according to your goals.

It is important to insist that trust is essential when putting yourself in charge of a personal trainer, so before you decide, ask your personal trainer any question that is essential for you.

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