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6 reasons to start the week with a hiit training session

6 reasons to start the week with a hiit training session
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Summer is here and we all try to sustain our fitness routines. This idea is quite difficult to conceive without meditating on long hours of cardio that let you burn all the excess fat that your body has stored in many months. But it’s over, there’s a way to burn more calories and progress your cardiovascular fitness level, while spending less time in the gym.

6 reasons to start the week with a hiit training session

The High Intensity intervals, also known as HIIT, is one of the options you should take more into account these days, where the stopwatch passes quickly. You should know that this kind of training not only burns fat, but also increases your metabolism and manages to prosper your whole body.

If all this is not enough to encourage you to take the step, here are some reasons why you should choose this form of training:

1 – Takes about twenty minutes

Who has time to go to the gym for 2 hours these days? One of the most used apologies for not exercising, but as everything has solution the HIIT is suitable for people with a very tight schedule. It is quite difficult not to locate twenty minutes a day, to scorch fat in a pleasant way and in a short time.

This training consists of short gusts of intense exercise, followed by periods of restoration, low intensity activities or breaks. As a general rule you work in cycles of one minute (twenty seconds of hard work, followed by forty seconds of rest. Or do thirty seconds of activity, followed by thirty seconds of rest. Do this four-five times a week and you’ll see the results!

6 reasons to start the week with a hiit training session

2 – You don’t need a gymnasium

The good thing about HIIT is that you don’t need a gym or any equipment if you don’t want to. All it really needs is a bit of motivation, a training space and a timer. You can start an HIIT session with a mix of anatomical weight exercises such as burpees, mountaineers, knee lifts, jumping or sprints. All you need is to select an exercise or a combination of exercises that are good for you and let you work hard for twenty minutes. If you have access to a gym, you can also do HIIT training using cardio machines; treadmill, cross training, rowing machines or a stationary bike.

Try these HIIT exercises

3 – You can do it wherever you want

Wherever you want to do it, you can do it. All you need is a small space to work, from your living room, a garden, a park, the beach, really anywhere!

6 reasons to start the week with a hiit training session

4 – Burn fat over hours once you’re done

Unlike low-intensity cardio like running, this training will burn calories for hours on end. Over this time your metabolic rate is boosted, so your body continues to burn more calories and fat. The more intense the training, the greater the effects will be, so always and in all circumstances you should try to reach the maximum or work as hard as possible.

5 – HIIT can be adapted to your levels

HIIT can be adapted to your activity levels, so no matter how old you are, a solid HIIT session is relative to your personal level. For example, if you are a beginner, HIIT training could be a long trip with intervals at a good pace or running on a treadmill along the intensive interval. On the other hand, if you’re in shape, then it could be an inclined sprint. The goal is to get your heart rate close to the limit along the activity points before the restoration arrives.

6 – You’re going to feel good

Each training session should be hard, but after twenty minutes you will feel like an absolute winner after performing and filling each of the sessions. And when your anatomical fat starts to shrink, you’re sure to be motivated to keep going and you’ll see that all the effort has been worth it.

You can also try the shorter Tabata training.

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