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6 simple exercises to strengthen the trapeze

6 simple exercises to strengthen the trapeze
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It is the muscle that is located in the upper central part of the back and working independently involves improving the anatomical posture and achieve a harmonious development of the whole trunk. Although he actively participates in a multitude of exercises, you can also train him independently. Try this routine to strengthen the trapeze and you will increase its strength and volume.

6 simple exercises to strengthen the trapeze

Aesthetically, a trapeze with just the right development looks magnificent but, in addition to this, this large flat muscle, which starts from the nape of the neck, intervenes in basic movements such as the elevation of shoulders and arms or neck turns.

At the time of starting in the gym, sometimes its relevance is forgotten and no exercises are carried out to train the trapeze in a concrete way. Including them in any routine is essential to gain volume in a proportionate way and to increase power in strength exercises, particularly if it involves weight lifting.

The best routine to exercise trapeze in the gym

Although there are plenty of exercises to strengthen the back at home, you can also practice a series of movements in the gym to gain muscle in the trapeze. Try this routine to strengthen the trapeze by performing between two-four sessions of each exercise, with a number of repetitions ranging from ten-twelve according to your level of training. Remember to mark well each one of them of the movements to contract the trapeziums properly and to obtain good results in a short time:

6 simple exercises to strengthen the trapeze

1. Shrugging of shoulders with dumbbells

It is the key exercise to strengthen the trapeze and increase its muscle mass. Very simple but effective, especially if after doing the elevation, you hold your shoulders a few seconds high. The execution is simple: standing, with your legs slightly apart and holding a dumbbell in each and every hand, raise your shoulders, trying to “touch” your ears. Your arms should remain stretched and without tension. The ascent and descent movement must be short and fast. You can do this by alternating the shoulders (a series with each of them) and end up raising the 2 at the same time.

2. Shrinkage with circles

It is a variation of the previous exercise that will serve you to complete and increase its intensity. Shrug your shoulders and, once elevated, face them back. Next, move them face forward in 2 phases, first ?half a circle?, support a second, and then continue advancing another half a circle. Take them back face down again. You’ll appreciate the way the trapeze is stretched.

3. Bar to chin lift

Excellent exercise to develop the trapeze with which you will also work intensely the deltoids. Stand, holding the bar at the height of your thighs, arms outstretched and knees tenuously bent. Raise the bar, keeping it close to your body until it is at the level of your chin. Your elbows will be flexed and pointing outward. It supports a few seconds and descends in a controlled way. Breathe in on the descent and breathe out when you go up. If you want to increase your effort, add weight to the bar (discs).

4. Side shoulder lifts with dumbbell

The so-called “birds” do not have to be absent from a routine of trapeze strengthening. It is an exercise that affects the first third of the upper train, increasing the muscle mass of the entire area. You must stand up, with the log somewhat reclined face forward and legs flexed. Hold a dumbbell in each and every hand and, from this beginning situation, open your arms laterally, just as if they were the wings of a bird. Robust shoulders, powerful back and strong trapeze, guaranteed!

6 simple exercises to strengthen the trapeze

5. Military press behind the nape of the neck

Really effective when working on the trapeze and arm muscles. It is a question of putting the bar behind the nape of the neck while standing or sitting on the bench, as you prefer. Raise the bar so that it is just above your head, hold for a few seconds and descend. It is convenient to do this exercise without adding weight to the bar (unless your perfect physical condition lets you).

6. Elevation of legs and arms on the floor

You do not need any device to perform this exercise to strengthen the trapeze without weights, because your body acts as the only resistance (calisthenics). Lying face down, with legs stretched out and arms extended in front of your head, try to raise, in unison, the upper extremities and also lower. Stay “in the air” as long as you can and go down. You will appreciate how the trapeze contracts intensely to support the posture.

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