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6 simple tricks for not leaving the gym after the first month

6 simple tricks for not leaving the gym after the first month
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It happens frequently and it’s a pity, because throwing in the towel means abandoning all the advantages of practicing sport. If you start to train with your energy and you don’t want to be demotivated before your time, put in practice these tricks so you don’t leave the gym after the first month. Go!

6 simple tricks for not leaving the gym after the first month

It is always a good time to start in the gym or start doing some exercise and around the summer many people are encouraged to do so with the idea of prospering the physical way, develop muscles or lose some kilogram. It is normal to start sessions with plenty of energy, but it is also usual that tiredness and lack of motivation appear after a few weeks.

Not getting the expected results, stiffness and aching muscles, boredom? you have to take into consideration that the routine of the gym requires time and that only with perseverance and a bit of patience will we begin to review the benefits of exercise. If you’ve decided to leave sedentary life behind, take note of what you can do to avoid giving up and not leaving the gym every month.

Tips for continuing in the gym after the first few weeks

Do your good intentions of a few days ago no longer seem so essential? Do ?justified? reasons begin to arise to skip your training session… you are at that moment when your initial motivation is weak. In order for the vagrancy not to win the battle and you can achieve your goals, these tricks will help you not to leave the gym per month of starting.

6 simple tricks for not leaving the gym after the first month

1. Choose your gym well

Selecting the gym is more essential than it looks. If the gym doesn’t hold you by hand and makes you feel uncomfortable travelling, its opening hours don’t fit in with yours, or its range of sporting activities is very limited (scarce training machines, few collective spinning, aerobics or stepping classes?) you’ll get tired in no time. Put it simply!

2. Establish a personalized routine

You need to mark your exercise program taking into account the physical way you start, your training level and your goals. Having the advice of a trainer is essential to establishing a proper weekly training plan that will get you working to the level of fair care. If you demand too much in the first few days or, conversely, your exercises bore you because they are very simple, you will end up leaving the gym after the first month.

3. Take care of the equipment

Being comfortable while you train will also help you see your gym sessions as enjoyable and positive. But what’s the best look for the gym? Good sneakers, appropriate clothing, breathable and not too tight or too loose, will make you feel good doing exercise and you are not wanting the class to end as soon as possible.

4. Realistic and short-term goals

Set a specific time when you commit to attend your workouts. It is not a bad idea to pay in advance your gym fees, for example, for 3 months (having paid is a good reason to keep coming). Set yourself an end that is truly possible to achieve in that time and go for it! Remember, if you set the bar too high, your training won’t meet your expectations.

6 simple tricks for not leaving the gym after the first month

You must begin to train little by little, accentuating the effort progressively. Set achievable goals and you’ll enjoy every little triumph. Those partial achievements are a great motivation to continue going to the gym after the first month.

5. Healthy diet and perfect hydration

Good nutrition, healthy and varied, is the best alidade of the sport. When you start going to the gym, bet on menus rich in nutrients and low in saturated fat that will make you feel lighter and full of energy to train. Aside from continuing a good diet to start in the gym, now that you get more exercise, it is essential that you take in enough fluids, primarily water, that hydrate you perfectly and assist you in suppressing fats and toxins.

6. Have a good time.

Simple but essential. In order not to leave the gym after the first month, your calculation after this first period must be positive. If you have fun while you train, because you do a variety of exercises or you are new to yourself, because you like to listen to music while you play sports, or because you go with a friend and have an excellent time, you will easily overcome the temptation to leave the gym prematurely.

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