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It happens with a certain frequency and it is a pity, because throwing in the towel means abandoning all the advantages of playing sports. If you start to train with your energy and don't want to be discouraged already before your time, try these tricks so you don't have to leave the gym after the first month.

It is always a good time to start at the gym or to start doing some exercise, and after the summer, many people are encouraged to do it with the idea of progressing in their physical condition, developing their muscles or losing a few pounds. It is normal to start the sessions with plenty of energy, but it is also usual for fatigue and lack of motivation to appear after a few weeks.

Not getting the expected results, aching muscles and aching muscles, boredom.... we must take into consideration that the routine of the gym requires time and that only with perseverance and a little patience we will begin to review the benefits of exercise. If you've decided to leave your sedentary life behind, take note of what you can do to keep from giving up and leaving the gym for a month.

Tips for staying in the gym after the first few weeks

Are your good intentions of a few days ago no longer so essential, and are there any"justified" reasons for skipping your training session.... at that moment when your initial motivation is weak? In order to keep laziness from winning the battle and help you achieve your goals, these tricks will help you stay in the gym for a month to start.

1. Choose your gym well

Selecting the gym is more essential than it seems. If the gym does not take you by hand and makes you feel uncomfortable, its opening hours do not fit in with yours, or its offer of sports activities is very limited (few training machines, few group classes of spinning, aerobics or stepping?) you will get tired after a short time, put it on simple!

2. Establish a custom routine

You need to mark your exercise program taking into account the physical way you start, your level of training and your objectives. Having the advice of a coach is essential to establish an appropriate weekly training plan that will get you to work with the right level of care. If you demand too much of yourself in the first few days or, conversely, your exercises bore you because they are so simple, you will end up quitting the gym after the first month.

3. Take care of the equipment

Being comfortable while training will also help you see your gym sessions as a pleasant and positive experience. But, what's the best look for the gym? A good pair of sneakers, appropriate clothing, breathable and not too tight or too loose, will make you feel good while exercising and you will not want the class to end as soon as possible.

4. Realistic and short-term goals

Set a specific time frame in which you commit to attend your workouts. It is not a bad idea to pay your gym fees in advance, to give us an example, for 3 months (having paid is a good reason to keep coming back). Set yourself a goal that is truly achievable in that time frame and go for it! Remember that if you set the bar too high, your training will not meet your expectations.

You should begin to train little by little, accentuating the effort in a progressive way. Set achievable goals and you will enjoy every little triumph. Those partial accomplishments are a great motivation to continue going to the gym last month.

5. Healthy diet and unbeatable hydration

A good, healthy and varied nutrition is the best alidade of the sport. When you start going to the gym, bet on menus rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats that will make you feel lighter and full of energy to train. Aside from continuing a good diet to start at the gym, now that you are getting more exercise, it is essential that you drink enough fluids, eminently water, to be perfectly hydrated and to be assisted in removing fats and toxins.

6. Have a good time

Simple but essential. In order not to leave the gym after the first month, your calculation after this first period must be positive. If you have fun while training, because you do a variety of exercises or if you are new to it, because you like to listen to music while playing sports, or because you go with a friend and have a great time, you will be able to overcome the temptation to leave the gym prematurely.

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