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6 tips for getting back to the gym without throwing in the towel

6 tips for getting back to the gym without throwing in the towel
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6 tips for getting back to the gym without throwing in the towel

Let’s be realistic. Returning to training after a holiday or a period in which you have not done sport for any reason, costs a bit. It’s a matter of getting back into your routine and getting back into good physical shape. Get rid of the vagrancy and take note of the tips for returning to the gym successfully.

It is quite normal that, after a period of inactivity, the idea of resuming the exercise plan becomes uphill. First, change your mind and remember how good you feel when you train. Returning to the gym and not throwing in the towel depends to a large extent on doing so with enthusiasm and optimism, thinking that it is something you do for the fact that you want to and that affects your health and wellbeing. Also find the motivation you need by reaffirming the idea that although those first days are somewhat complicated, it is only a transitional period, perhaps 2 or 3 weeks? The reward for your dedication is worth it.

How to go back to training at the gym and not get discouraged

Take a good look at the calendar and decide the day you are going to join the gym so as not to apologize when it arrives at the data (if we start skipping the first training, we are going badly). It also examines the material and equipment you need. Checking that your dumbbells or your slippers are “waiting for you” will give you courage to get going. In addition to this, the next few tips will really come in handy for you to start in the gym, retrain and not leave it early:

6 tips for getting back to the gym without throwing in the towel

1. Make a first assessment

It is essential to be aware of your starting point when resuming your training at the gym. You know yourself better than anyone else and it’s a good idea to do a little check to find out where to start. Do you need to lose a few kilograms? Are your muscles lacking tone? Is your endurance level below the minimum? The state of form in which you find yourself is determinant for establishing a convenient and realistic routine.

2. One at a time challenges

It’s essential to get back to the gym and not get discouraged the first time. Give yourself time to achieve the level you want. Set specific goals, for example: strengthen the core, work arms, start doing weights, gain power in the legs, go to your first class of crossfit, … And, although you do a general and complete routine, focus especially on one of them because, this way, you will quickly appreciate a first result that will reward your dedication and encourage you to continue.

3. Training always and at all times in a progressive way

One of the usual failures of the first day of gymnastics is that you try to resume your exercises until you fall into over-training. Go little by little and respect the days of rest. To end up exhausted on the first day invites us not to repeat the experience.

6 tips for getting back to the gym without throwing in the towel

4. Establish a training plan that you can follow

In order not to throw in the towel when you return to the gym, it is essential that you are able to perform the routines you have set for yourself. The steps to start exercising are the following: establish your weekly training days, the duration of each session and even the number of repetitions that each series will have. Increase the intensity only when you can do each exercise with simplicity. If you set the bar too high the first few days in the gym and you don’t get what you set out to do, discouragement will not be long in coming.

5. Have fun.

Make varied routines, try new machines or accessories and, at the time of training strength, do not abuse the weight. Returning to your sports routine should be gratifying. Start with the exercises you enjoy the most and make the time you spend in the gym also have its moments entertaining.

6. Diet to resume exercise

Even if your goal is not to lose weight, remember the importance of diet as a complement to sport. Supervise fats, especially if the return to the gym is generated after a holiday with excess heat included; take enough hydrates to have the energy you need and not forget the essential protein to take care of your muscles, which are going to return to work hard, also influences the time to return to the gym and continue training each week.

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