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6 tips so that your return to training is not so hard

6 tips so that your return to training is not so hard
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It’s hard for all of us to resume the routine after the holidays and the idea of going back out to run or returning to the gym can be quite lazy. Cheer up and, so that your return to training won’t be so hard, take note of these tips.

6 tips so that your return to training is not so hard

We fear that post-vacation syndrome is unavoidable. After a relaxing season, getting back to work and routine tasks is not always and in all circumstances easy. The same happens at the moment of returning to exercise, because our body is not always and in all circumstances ready to strive again to exceed the proposed goals. Take it easy and remember that the sporting activity you do brings you a multitude of physical and psychological benefits. With good motivation and some tips to help you return to training after the summer, overcoming reluctance won’t be so difficult.

Tricks to make it easier to get back to exercise after the holidays

Are you having trouble getting back to the gym without throwing in the towel?…. It’s the most normal thing on the planet, so don’t feel bad about trying the temptation to forsake the sport “forever. It’s temporary and you just have to take the initial step to resume the exercise.

It is essential to know that you are in a period of adaptation. Give yourself a little time. Calculate 1 or 2 weeks so that your body gets used to the routine of your workouts again and so that you are again in shape enjoying each new sporting challenge. Sounds good, but in the moment of truth, the return to training can be quite difficult. In order to make reincorporation easier, these are the keys:

6 tips so that your return to training is not so hard

Decide on the day you will retrain and plan your return.

Exercising should be a rewarding activity for you. Don’t get obsessed with going to the gym on a certain day. Start only when you’re ready. When you get back from vacation, maybe you’ll have other priorities. Put in the data that suits you and start training again when you are ready and motivated enough.

2. Progressive care

So that the return to training is not so hard that you throw in the towel before time, respect the period of adaptation that your body needs. Make a general adjustment at least one or a couple of weeks in which, the ideal thing is to make a global training, in circuit, so that you work, in conjunct, the great muscular sets. In your new beginning, increase your efforts progressively. A guideline can be trained in sessions that do not exceed the hour of duration and leaving a day of rest between one and another.

3. Forget about weight training

Don’t make your way back to the gym harder than necessary. The first exercises you do should be worth to gain tone and strength in your muscles, as well as agility in your joints. Your first routines at the time of returning to the gym after an injury or return to training after a period of rest always and at all times should be without working with extra weight.

4. Train!

Starting a season with something new is a great idea. Always and at all times you can resume your workouts by repeating the last routines made before the holidays, but another alternative, more recommended, is to dare with some new exercise, try a new machine or even approach a sports discipline that you have not practiced before. Have you ever tried to do your exercises with the help of a pulley? Do you know the benefits of training with flexible bands? … since this can be a great moment to introduce certain changes in your training. It also premieres equipment. A new running shoe or a new accessory (sag, ball, hoop?) can become the best incentive to make the return to training considerably easier.

6 tips so that your return to training is not so hard

5. In company

Magnificent solution to have an extra motivation to leave behind the vagrancy when returning to train. Signing up for a running ensemble or collective spinning classes is a “plus” in order to start the new season with extra motivation.

6. Balanced Nutrition

You should not go on a diet after the holidays, but if you accompany your return to exercise with a balanced diet, the return will be easier and you will get more easily the results you want.

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