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6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts

6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts
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It’s a basic machine in any gym that you can also have at home to run at any time you want without having to go out and optimize the limit of your workouts. Find out how to make the most of your treadmill with these tips – read on!

6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts

If you practice running, the treadmill is a great tool that can assist you in progressing your running technique, avoiding injuries, while gaining running speed and endurance. Training on the treadmill should not be tiresome because there are many possibilities it offers you so that you can introduce variables in each of the sessions. Increase the inclination, move backwards or sideways, increase the level of resistance, alter the stride? Make a note of everything you can do on the treadmill.

How to train better on the treadmill

Monotony and lack of motivation are the main drawback when running on the treadmill, but with the next few tips you will improve on each and every training on the treadmill:

1. Start with a good warm-up

It is a common mistake to run on the treadmill without meditating which, likewise to run on it, requires a previous warm-up that will be your first exercise. Warm up before you get on the tape. Stretching and twisting of arms, ankles and knees are essential. In addition to this, take your first strides at slow/moderate speed.

6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts

2. Runs in each and every possible address

Not only face forward, but also face back and laterally, always and in all circumstances lifting your feet well. The change in your movements will make you involve different muscles in each and every one of your steps: quadriceps, twins, hamstrings, buttocks?

3. Increases speed and incline progressively

To improve your treadmill training it is essential to demand a little more of yourself in each and every race. The machine lets you adjust the level of complexity (resistance and speed). Don’t get comfortable doing the same thing all the time. After a convenient warm-up, go up that level as you spend minutes on the tape.

4. Dare with the slopes

Training on slopes on the treadmill is one of the great advantages of this device. Being able to give the inclination you want to the tape will make you train as if you were running on a circuit that includes approximately steep slopes. Including “hills” in your treadmill training will improve your performance in a short time and make your workout more effective.

5. Includes high intensity intervals

The stringent interval training (HIIT) can be carried out perfectly on the belt. Run alternating slow pace and trot every five – eight minutes and also intersperse a few seconds at full power and speed.

6 tips to improve your treadmill workouts

6. Don’t hold on to the bar.

Try to imitate the natural movement you make as you move forward, just as if you were running down the street or across the field. Bracing is essential when training on the treadmill not only to work the upper body musculature as well but rather to progress your marks in each and every race.

Details that will improve your treadmill performance

Being a moving flat surface, without the obstacles you may have training outdoors, the treadmill can assist you in progressing your posture, your tread and running technique normally. If you’re going to start running on a treadmill, review these tips and progressively improve your performance:

  • Above the machine, remember to hold your back straight with your abdomen and buttocks contracted while you regulate the movement of your legs with your arms. Keep your eyes on the front.
  • Don’t make incessant stops. Plan the training time on the treadmill and complete it. If you do not succeed, set yourself a more “realistic” goal that you can accomplish. It is also essential to adapt the effort to your physical condition.
  • Good torque equipment is also essential. Comfortable and breathable clothing next to suitable shoes, which conform to your footstep (prone, supine or neutral) is key to achieving greater efficiency on the treadmill. Remember that you must try to support the foot by its middle zone (not on tips or heels).
  • Finally, don’t forget to monitor the progress of your workouts on the belt by checking variables such as your heart rate, the average speed achieved or the heat output. If you have these clear references, it will be easier to try to beat your marks on the treadmill.

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