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For those of us who fight against jobs stuck to a chair all day long, it may be difficult for us not to fall into a sedentary lifestyle. Knowing certain exercises to avoid sedentary lifestyles is essential, especially for adults. The body is a machine that needs to be used well so that it does not become blocked. Staying still for many hours over long periods of time can greatly reverse a person's physical condition.

When you go into an active one of this kind in which exercise can always and under all circumstances wait until tomorrow, it makes you realize that before you know it, weeks have passed and you have lost your motivation to do the regular exercise that your body needs. We help you to combat daily sedentariness with a very simple exercise routine - read on!

Strict routine for sedentary people

As we age, it is essential to maintain and strengthen muscle tone so that our bodies do not begin to fail us. Now, 9 easy exercises are presented, ideal for people on foot, that will help you to strengthen your primary sets of muscles and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.

All of the exercises shown here can now be filled with just one chair and certain small weights. If you don't have weights, replace them with cans of soup or bottles of water, for example. Chair exercises are great for filling your maintenance training and starting to thrive even before you start whole body movements:

1. Shoulder circles

While you're sitting, put your fingertips on your shoulders. Move your shoulders forward in a circle for fifteen repetitions or until you feel fatigued in your shoulder muscles.

Then reverse the movement and make circles face back. This exercise is great to start with because of the number of injuries to the shoulder muscles. It also helps to warm up the area before continuing with more demanding exercises.

2. Wheels with shoulders

Sit down with your feet planted on the ground. Shrug your shoulders up to your ears and slowly turn them in a circle. When you get to the top, reverse the movement. It tries to fill fifteen reiterations in one direction and also inverts or alternates directions.

3. Tapping on the toes

Sit up straight with your feet on the ground. Bend your toes facing the ceiling and back to the floor. If this looks particularly simple, move face forward to the edge of the chair and keep your legs straight. Be sure to hold your heels on the floor while bending your toes face up and down. It performs ten or fifteen repetitions.

4. Kneeling up

Sit upright with the soles of your feet flat on the floor. Slowly raise the right knee facing your chest and then lower your foot to the floor. Repeat with left knee. Do ten or fifteen repetitions. You can make one side and then move or alternate sides in each and every reiteration.

5. Side flexing

Stand up straight, with your feet at hip width and your arms at your sides. Slide your left arm face down on your side as far as it is comfortable. As you stretch, you should feel the stretch in the opposite hip. Repeat with the other side. Complete fifteen to twenty reiterations on each side. If you want to improve in this exercise, hold small weights or soup cans.

6. Calf Lift

Get behind a chair. Stand up, use the chair as a support point. Lift both heels off the floor until you feel comfortable. Keep this movement slow and controlled and repeat five to ten times. To make this exercise more difficult, hold the chair with one hand. The more advanced can eliminate the chair completely. If possible, keep a friend close, as this exercise can suddenly make your legs tired.

What did you think of this exercise routine to combat sedentary lifestyles? Don't forget to have a personal trainer to supervise these exercises. With the help of a professional, you will be able to start exercising little by little and without neglecting your physical condition and needs.

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