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If you're wondering if you can lose weight by jumping on the rope, you'll be interested to know that burning two hundred calories, or more, is simple by jumping on the rope for ten to fifteen minutes. Combine different cardio exercises, easy and enjoyable, change their intensity, find your rhythm with the music of your choice, and get ready to lose weight by jumping rope.

I'm sure you've done it as a child without ever knowing that you were doing a complete aerobic activity, ideal for working not only on your buttocks and legs, but also on your whole body. All you need is a lighter, better nylon rope and a pair of sneakers with good cushioning to protect your ankles.

The exercises to lose weight by skipping rope are of high intensity and always and in all circumstances you should start with a warm-up, which includes knee, ankle and wrist twists, next to some basic first jumps in short sessions. A skipping routine is a great practice to increase endurance and cardiovascular capacity, which also improves balance and coordination of movements.

In any gym, this kind of exercise is included in combination with other sports as it is extremely effective in removing accumulated fat.

How to jump rope to lose weight

When jumping rope, kill the proper posture, with the abdomen contracted and the shoulders relaxed and facing back tenuously to promote fat burning and lose weight quickly. Try, in addition to this, to hold your elbows at your side while you move the rope with your wrist twist and not with your arms. After a few minutes of warm-up, always start your routine in a progressive way and controlling your breathing at all times. If you're ready, check out the next few exercises to lose weight by skipping rope. You're going to burn calories, practically without realizing it, the way you do it the most enjoyable way.

  1. Low jumps with your feet together. It's the basic exercise to start skipping rope. Give ten to fifteen jumps without getting too high, first at a slow pace and then faster.
  2. With one foot. Begin the exercise by jumping and falling on one foot (to the lame leg). Keep the other one stretched sideways, but not too much so that the skipping rope can pass through without getting tangled. Do it 3 times in a row with each foot, at least 2 sets. Get some rest.
  3. Knees up. It is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight by jumping on a rope and also to get legs and buttocks firm as rocks. It's about raising one knee while you're taking the leap. Alternate with both legs.
  4. Jump with lateral displacement. Move the rope, jump, and when you fall, move once to the right and then to the left on the next jump. You're going to work on your hips, too.
  5. Legs together and apart. Maximum demand with this exercise of skipping rope to lose weight is to jump with your feet together and while the rope goes up, spread your legs apart to join them together again when the rope rubs the ground again.
  6. The boxer. Improves overall coordination and balance with an exercise that is not lacking in any gym workout. It is practiced above all by fighters to advance their"footwork". It makes very small jumps, supporting you in the fall, as an alternative option, on each and every foot. It must look like you're walking on some impulse. The secret to burning calories by skipping rope is to do it as fast as you can. The skipping rope should"fly" over your head, give it some legwork!
  7. Like you're running. Precisely that. It's about doing exactly the same movement you do when you run, first lifting one leg with your calf facing back and then the other, adding to the complexity of the rope and exercising your arms at the same time.

Combine these jump rope exercises in your cardio routine as you wish and also include one that you simply feel like, for example, a double jump, a knee stretch (like when you jumped on the skipping rope as a little girl), a jump across your legs and stretching them again? have fun jumping on the skipping rope while burning calories and strengthening your silhouette.

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