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7 nutrition tips and practical examples

7 nutrition tips and practical examples
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Today we find many articles on nutrition and how to eat a balanced diet, but many people are worth nothing than chatting about macronutrients if they do not know how to put it into practice. Today I bring you some tips on food with real examples, what you can do at home as you think.

7 nutrition tips and practical examples

It’s over to turn orate thinking if a certain food is going to have hydrates or proteins, now you have the solution.

First of all, a little explanation.

  • PROTEINS: It is what builds your muscle, are directly related to the development of muscle cells, whether your goal is to lose weight or gain muscle mass must always be present at all times in your diet. For example: chicken, turkey, eggs, veal, fish?
  • CARBON HYDRATES: They give you energy, they are essential for building muscle mass and you can limit them to a certain extent when you want to lose weight, but they are not your opponent. Even if your purpose is to lose weight, you should not suppress them completely. For example: oats, cereals, rice, pasta, legumes, potatoes?
  • FATS: It is the second source of energy and regulates the anatomical temperature among many other functions. A certain level of fat is necessary, but as we all know, too much fat is what many want to remove. We have 2 genres of “healthy” fat, such as that from salmon, avocado or dried fruit, and “saturated” fat and trans fat, such as that from pastries, industrial products, processed products, etc. We must limit the consumption of “healthy” fats and remove the consumption of “healthy” fats.

Tip: Limit salt in your meals.

Solution: Replace it with aromatic herbs or condiments that add a unique touch to your dishes.

Tip: Eat about five meals a day.

Solution: There is not a precise number of meals for everyone, it depends on the hours that each of them are standing and the distribution of our day, but what we should do is eat every three hours more or less. So it’s possible that some of you with four meals a day will be covered while others need to eat.

Tip: Put fruit in your diet.

Solution: Beware of fruit, it is a very good edible but generally have a large amount of sugar. The most calorific fruits can be bananas, ochres, figs? while if you want to take light and healthy fruit you should opt more for kiwis, apples, pears or pineapple.

7 nutrition tips and practical examples

Tip: Don’t get obsessed with carbohydrates, each of them has different needs.

Solution Carbohydrates do NOT gain weight on their own, they gain weight if you consume more than you spend. If today you are in a weight and try to reduce the hydrates, thereby reducing the total calories per day, you will lose weight without failing to remove them completely.

Myth: carbohydrates gain weight at night.

Solution: carbohydrates are not accustomed to advise at night simply because you eat calories that you will surely not spend on what remains of the day, but if to serve us as an example you are one of those people who trains at the end of the day your dinner if you could take a small amount of hydrate to recover your body from the training.

Tip: good breakfast, we come from eight hours of fasting and the body has nutritional deficiencies.

Solution Breakfast should contain both protein and carbohydrates, you can choose oats, cereals or to give an example torradas, but should not miss a protein source such as egg whites. Remember that the amount of calories the body spends on digesting protein is higher so there’s another benefit.

Tip: introduce alteration in your diet or you will end up stressed.

Solution: Combine almost any kind of food without fear, now you know that in a meal we must have hydrates, proteins and fats. The hydrates tend to be used to a greater extent, so the protein will go and to a lesser extent the fat.

7 nutrition tips and practical examples


Rice + chicken + 1 iogur.

Vegetables + bread + veal + 1 fruit.

Potato + turkey + 1 yogurt.

Sweet potato + fish + vegetables.

Pasta + salmon + vegetables.

All these meals give you practically the same macronutrients but you have plurality for day after day of the week, the combinations can be infinite.

If you have more tips or ideas, don’t hesitate to share them with us and share this article if you want more people to favor these tips.

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