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7 perfect exercises to strengthen the Achilles tendon

7 perfect exercises to strengthen the Achilles tendon
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7 perfect exercises to strengthen the Achilles tendon

One of the most common sports injuries that we may suffer when training is tendinitis in the Achilles ligament, the ligament that is just behind the ankle and is usually subjected to high tension. If you want to avoid injuries and strengthen the Achilles ligament, don’t hesitate to practice these seven exercises for the Achilles ligament below:

Exercise routine for the Achilles ligament

When we exercise without having warmed up enough or when we abruptly increase the distance we have to travel when we run, we can damage the Achilles ligament without hardly realizing it.

In fact, injuries to the Achilles ligament are quite common among athletes and can even prevent you from exercising for several weeks and have to rest.

If you enjoy running or training with your feet on the ground, you are more likely to have tendonitis in the Achilles ligament. If you want to protect yourself from injuries on this part of your foot, you should practice a daily exercise routine that will help you strengthen the Achilles ligament:

1. Walk before you stretch

To properly prepare the Achilles heel for training, it is necessary, even before starting the warm-up exercises, to walk for ten minutes at a light pace.

7 perfect exercises to strengthen the Achilles tendon

2. Stretching in the wall

Before and after training, one of the most recommended stretches for the Achilles ligament area is to put your hands on a wall, and hold one straight leg behind you and the other bent leg. It is also one of the rehabilitation exercises to overcome an Achilles Ligament injury little by little.

3. Front hip lift

Another very efficient exercise for properly stretching the Achilles ligament and avoiding injuries is standing with the heel on the floor, and also leaning the hip forward thus stretching the muscle on the front of the calf.

If you want to do the full Achilles Ligament stretch with both legs, you will need to hold both legs back.

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4. Stretching with feet apart

Another very advisable exercise to warm up the Achilles heel and prepare it for training is to properly stretch each heel face down, in unison with your feet about fifteen or twenty centimeters apart, and pointing with your toes face forward.

7 perfect exercises to strengthen the Achilles tendon

The ideal is to repeat this exercise 4 or 5 times during the first days, and also to increase the number of repetitions in the following days.

5. Stretching on a chair

Another very efficient warm-up exercise to prevent tendonitis in the Achilles ligament is to put the heel of the foot in a chair and hold the toes pointing upward. Once you have your foot on, you must tilt the log face forward and you will feel how the Achilles ligament stretches intensely.

6.Balance exercises on one foot

Balancing exercises on a single foot are very efficient in strengthening the Achilles ligament. But in addition to this, these kinds of exercises assist us in unison in progressing our anatomical computation and in progressing the general condition of our foot as well.

Some balance exercises are, for example, standing and raising the arms face the ceiling. But you can also stand, hold your back straight and your forehead high, and stretch your torso face forward in unison as you lift your leg face back.

7. Stretching using foam roller

The foam roller, considered one of the essential accessories for strengthening muscles at home, can help us stretch the Achilles ligament efficiently. For this, you must find the perfect balance between the pressure you apply on this foam roller, and the speed with which you practice stretching.

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