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Doing sit-ups, either in any of its variations, with dumbbells, bars, front or jump squats, is usually one of the preferred exercises among weight lifters, bodybuilders or many other athletes. This is for one simple reason: squats work. Not only are they efficient in strengthening and building muscle in the lower limb, they also provide a number of benefits including increased hormone release and significantly improved flexibility. In this article we tell you 7 important reasons why you should never forget to add squat exercises to your workout if you want to build more muscle, thrive and optimize your workout.

1. Increased release of hormones

Whole body exercises such as squats are powerful hormone stimulators such as testosterone or developmental hormone that directly affect muscle development. As these exercises involve virtually all the muscles in the body, they provoke a huge stimulus for the release of these development-related hormones. Doing squats with heavy loads can be to increase the release of anabolic hormones that help to activate more muscle mass and build more muscle in each and every part of the body and not just the lower half.

2. It works the abdominal musculature

Since squats are essentially ascending and descending movements, the abdomen is forced to work at all times to avoid injury by having to maintain an upright posture. Thus, it should not be overlooked that when working on the abdomen, compound exercises such as squats or others that include heavy loads should be a basic routine exercise. Including front squats, which include a bar attached in front of the body and not on the shoulders, will help the body increase the strength of the abdomen as well as build up the strength of the entire mid-section of the body.

3. Improves flexibility

Squats involve wide range movement of the entire body. It is a complete exercise that activates the whole body, not only increasing strength but also flexibility. The joints and tendons are activated because they are very present throughout the whole route, both in the load and in the lowering part. Deep sit-ups can be used to increase the range of motion of the entire hip to increase flexibility. The advantages of working flexibly with squats are that back pain is reduced and it is easier to move around in daily activities or sports.

4. Reduces the possibility of injury

During squatting exercises, working and also pushing the muscles around the knees and hips can reduce the chance of injuries when jumping, running, and doing almost any activity. Squatting for squats works on the buttocks, hamstrings, and quadriceps, which are the body's primary stabilizers for any physical activity. Including a variety of squats and strides in training over time will mean increased training safety and a significant reduction in injuries.

5. Strengthens the lower part of the body

This may seem like feet on the ground, but squats are key to developing lower body strength. While machine exercises such as the femoral curl and leg extension can be oriented to the quadriceps and hamstrings, squats use virtually all of the muscles of the legs and hips in unison that involve the strength of all. In addition to this, because you are not static on a machine, the squats favour an improvement work for anatomical stability and the correction of possible imbalances between the left and right sides. If you notice that your hips don't support your balance and they go away and pass the load from one side to the other during the movement it means that you should work more on one-legged exercises to strengthen your hips.

6. Increases the ability to jump vertically

The ability to extend the hips strongly is a key factor in the ability to perform vertical jumps. Squatting works on the strength of the hip extension. As an ancillary benefit, squats not only assist in generating energy, but also assist in absorbing it. That translates into fewer injuries with a better rebound reaction. Including heavy squats will help you build strength and be??lighter, and doing squats by increasing the speed of repetitions will help you build explosive strength.

7. Improving the effectiveness of general training

Introducing several sets of heavy squats into your training routine will help you maximize the benefits of your training. The fact that it's a whole-body movement, apart from involving your heart rate, will leave your legs burning in no time at all. This way, you will then have more time to work on your abdomen or add new specific exercises for other essential factors such as flexibility and mobility.

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