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Follow these press-banking factors for optimal results

Banking Press, the best way to grow

While the bench press can undoubtedly be an expensive passage to a breast like Schwarzenegger's, what many enthusiasts don't think is that it's not as easy as lying on the bench, grabbing the bar and lifting it from point A to point B. In order for the Banking Press to be an exercise that brings unbeatable benefits, body positioning, range of motion, and execution technique must be carefully respected.

1. Focusing too much on maximizing the weight of a single repetition.

Too many people are concerned about how much weight they can lift for a single repetition and not for ranges between seven and twelve, which is where muscle development tends to be best stimulated. Unless you're a professional weight lifter, stop maximizing your weight every time you bench press and focus on draining the muscle.

2. Your feet are not on the ground

For some reason there is a tendency for weight lifters to believe that putting their feet up when lifting rather than on the ground is more efficient. Although this has its uses it is best to hold the feet on a solid base by pressing so that most of the"neural impulse" can be focused on increasing the volume of the pectoral fibers.

3. The torso situation is not correct.

Incorrect torso position: One of the most vital aspects of the bench press for increasing chest mass is proper torso positioning from the beginning to the end of each series. In order to force the chest to do most of the work in each and every repetition you must a) Hold your rib cage upright ; b) Hold a slight arch in the lower back ; c) Hold the shoulder blades together when pressing ; d) Hold the shoulders face down and on the bench.

4. You're using the wrong grip.

To achieve maximum performance when strengthening the chest it is best to spread your hands at shoulder level, or just a little more.

5. Bounce the Bar

Some people think it's better to bounce the bar off the rib cage. Even if this allows you to put more weight on the bar, you are obviously using your impulse, not your muscular strength, to fill the lift by taking advantage of the rebound. This practice apart from canceling the potential benefits of the bench press greatly increases the danger of serious injury.

6. Your Tempo's off track.

If you want to achieve a deep muscle pumping by doing bench presses you must monitor the tempo of the bar movement at all times. It is advisable to lower the bar for three to four seconds, hold the situation for one second and then lift it up explosively.

7. That you're not using the full range of motion

Almost as bad as bouncing the bar on your chest is the frequent practice of doing half repetitions on the bench press - do you want big pecs to be proud of? Because it lowers the bar to maximum performance (which for most people will mean rubbing the chest with the bar or a dot lightly above) to stimulate each and every fiber, and then raises the bar face up already before blocking, while consciously squeezing the pectorals by contracting them.

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