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7 signs that you are exercising too much

7 signs that you are exercising too much
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7 signs that you are exercising too much

Exercise brings countless benefits to our organism. However, the moment a person becomes too obsessed with their body and overdoes it with daily training, they can suffer very negative consequences. If you love sport and can’t stop playing it, keep an eye out for these ten signs that you’re over-exercising.

Keys to warn if you overexercise

When we exercise, our body releases cortisol, a hormone that brings countless benefits to our body. However, as with everything in this life, extremes are never good. For this reason, if you do long sports sessions every day, you may be putting your health at risk.

If you want to know if you do excessive exercise, do not hesitate to be on the parrot at these seven signs that you specify below:

1. Delays more than the account in recovering

This is, without a doubt, the definite sign that you do a lot of exercise. And it is that, if when you finish training you feel that it is difficult to breathe, you lack the energy, the legs and arms respond to you, or if after drinking water I continue to be very thirsty, you may be crossing the line with the exercise.

7 signs that you are exercising too much

2. Reduced resistance

If you overdo the amount of exercise you do day after day, instead of strengthening your defenses, what you’re going to do is wear them down even more. This means that you will need more time to regenerate your muscle fibers, even though it will take you longer to recover from a simple cold.

3. High heart rate at first thing in the morning

When we exercise more than we should, it can happen that the heart rate changes us. To be able to check it, you must take your pulse at rest and before getting out of bed in the morning.

In this sense, people who have higher pulsations first thing in the morning than at any other time of the day, may be exceeding the amount of daily exercise they practice, and therefore this is one of the cases in which you should not exercise or physical sacrifices excessive.


7 signs that you are exercising too much

4. It’s hard for you to fall asleep

When we do sport we release cortisol (the famous hormone of agobio). However, if we do too much sport we also release too much of this hormone. The immediate effect of releasing too much cortisol is exactly that it is going to be difficult for you to fall asleep longer than usual and sleep well, even if you get to bed very tired.

5. Generalized fatigue

Just after finishing a physical training it is normal to feel somewhat exhausted. However, what is not so frequent is that a person who exercises daily feels fatigue or extended tiredness when performing other routine activities of his life. If you feel that tiredness has recently taken hold of your day after day, start meditating that you may be doing too much sport.

6. You’re in a bad mood.

Have you ever wondered why if you love sports and enjoy going to the gym day after day, yet you’re getting worse and worse? Because if you feel these emotional ups and downs, don’t hesitate to meditate that you may be exercising too much.

7. You have trouble losing weight

Many people believe that the more they get crushed in the gym, the more this will be appreciated on the scale. However, the moment we overdo it by exercising our body reacts just the opposite, since when we increase too much the level of exercise the metabolism slows down, and this means that it costs us more to lose weight and supervise the silhouette.

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