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7 signs that you are exercising too much

7 signs that you are exercising too much
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Exercise brings countless benefits to our body. However, the moment a person becomes too obsessed with his or her body and overdoes it with daily training, the consequences can be very negative. If you love the sport and can’t stop playing it, watch out for these ten signs that you’re exercising too much.

Keys to warning if you exercise too much

When we exercise, our body releases cortisol, a hormone that brings countless benefits to our body. However, like everything else in life, extremes are never good. For this reason, if you do long daily sports sessions, you may be putting your health at risk.

If you want to know if you exercise too much, don’t hesitate to be on the lookout for these seven signs below:

1. Takes longer than necessary to recover

This is, without a doubt, the strongest sign that you exercise a lot. If you feel that you are having trouble breathing when you have finished training, you lack the energy, your legs and arms are not responding to us, or if you continue to drink water and are still very thirsty, you may be overdoing it with exercise.

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2. The resistance is reduced

If you overdo the amount of exercise you do every day, instead of strengthening your defenses, you’re going to wear them down even more. This means that you will need more time to regenerate your muscle fibers, yet it will take you longer to recover from a simple cold.

3. High heart rate at the first hour of the day

When we exercise more than we should, it can happen that our heart rate changes. In order to check it, you must take your heart rate at rest and before you get out of bed in the morning.

In this sense, people who have higher heart rates in the early morning than at any other time of the day may be overdoing it with the amount of daily exercise they do, and therefore this is one of the cases in which you should not exercise or make excessive physical sacrifices.


4. It’s hard for you to get to sleep.

When we play sports, we release cortisol (the famous hormone of stress). However, if we do too much sport we also release an excess of this hormone. The immediate effect of releasing too much cortisol is exactly that it will take you longer than usual to fall asleep and sleep well, even if you get very tired in bed.

5. Generalized tiredness

Right after finishing physical training, it’s normal to feel a little exhausted. What is less common, however, is for a person who exercises daily to feel fatigued or tired when doing other routine activities in his or her life. If you feel that tiredness has recently taken hold of you every day, start meditating that you may be overdoing it.

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6. You’re in a bad mood.

Have you ever wondered why if you love sports and enjoy going to the gym every day, but you’re getting worse and worse? Since if you feel these emotional swings do not hesitate to meditate that you may be overexercising.

7. It’s hard for you to lose weight

Many people think that the more they crush themselves in the gym, the more they will appreciate this on the scale. However, when we overdo it by exercising, our body reacts just the opposite way, because when we increase the level of exercise too much, our metabolism slows down, and this means that it costs us more to lose weight and to monitor our silhouette.

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