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7 simple exercises to gain strength at home

7 simple exercises to gain strength at home
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Due to lack of time or for reasons of money enough people can not attend the gym to train. However, to get in shape you don’t have to go anywhere. Simply by doing a few strength exercises at home you will achieve essential advances and in a very short time you will appreciate the improvements.

7 simple exercises to gain strength at home

Take advantage of free time to exercise in any corner of your home. However, try to do the exercises properly to achieve better results and avoid injuries.

What are the advantages of force training?

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If you want to start training at home and your goal is to strengthen your muscles, then it’s time to learn about the best exercises to gain strength without leaving home. Here are some of its main benefits:

Health improvements

The improvement of strength, apart from achieving an increase in musculature, will also allow the internal organs to continue in a convenient situation, optimizing function. They will leave improvements in your health and well-being, specifically in intestinal transit, digestion or breathing.

More calorie expenditure

Strength training helps increase calorie expenditure. And is that by increasing muscle mass increases the basal metabolism, being able to burn more easily calories even at rest. In this way, it is possible to lose weight progressively.

7 simple exercises to gain strength at home

Improved posture

The muscles involved in maintaining an upright posture will be strengthened, which will improve the body’s posture.

Prevents injuries

Training to gain strength at home also prevents injuries. A more developed musculature protects the joints and makes it possible to make movements in a more natural way.

How to gain strength at home

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Want to start strength training at home? If you need to know how to gain strength at home with training, you should only be on the parrot for the next seven exercises:

1. Squats

If you have trouble squatting, always and in all circumstances you can use a chair to support you. The feet must hold a separation equivalent to the width of the hip, trying to lower the buttocks without the knee at any time exceeding the tip of the feet. The more advanced can add to the exercise a bar or a weight to support in front of the chest.

2. Bending of arms or plates

Place yourself face down, with your hands resting on the ground with a separation equivalent to the width of your shoulders. They must also be aligned with them. Try to go up and down holding your back straight. If it’s too complicated for you, don’t hesitate to put your knees on the floor. You can also purchase push-ups at home if you are a beginner.

7 simple exercises to gain strength at home

3. Triceps Wallpapers

You can use a chair to do this exercise. Place your hands on it and distance your feet to lower your hip while flexing your elbows and moving them backwards.

4. Lateral arm lifts

It is another of the exercises without material to do at home and that can not miss in a training to gain strength. It is enough to take some weight in both hands and make elevations, either at the same time or starting with one arm and continue with the other. You can use a bottle of water, a bag of pasta, sandbags or dumbbells.

5. Abdominals

We will opt for a variation of the traditional abdominals so that you will be more entertained training to increase strength at home. You should lie down on a mattress or carpet, trying to lift the torso without forcing the neck to touch with the elbow on the opposite knee.

6. The table

The forearms must be placed on the ground and with the tips of the feet supported, the abdomen must be contracted isometrically. The purpose is for the body to continue for about twenty seconds online straight.

7. Jump to the rope

Find a spacious place in your house to jump rope. You set the pace and the duration. Try to go from less to more, to end up lowering the intensity again.

Before you begin strength training at home, you should spend about ten minutes warming up, including running in place, lifting your knees to your chest and face your buttocks, and climbing stairs.

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