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After the holidays, the final stretch of the year begins with new challenges and possible goals to be met. If you are already back and your batteries are full, take note of some tips so that returning to the gym after the summer does not mean any sacrifice.

Let's not kid ourselves about getting into the daily routine and the training sessions are a little lazy, but the return trip has many positive aspects that you should stay with. Starting to exercise again will help you regain your agility, strength and elasticity and will surely help you lose weight after the holidays.

Partly, you're sure to want to start getting back in shape, so the essential thing is to take that first step with enough motivation and following some basic guidelines to get back to the gym after the summer.

How do I start training after the holidays?

Leave laziness behind and start planning your return to the gym by combining the most effective exercises, precise rest periods and the ideal diet so that you can start your training sessions satisfactorily. These tips for getting back into the gym after your summer break can really help you.

1. Find and enhance your maximum motivation. Being motivated to return to training is essential so as not to discourage you after the first few sessions, which are likely to be harder than expected. Think about all the advantages of physical exercise and remember that it's up to you to get them.

2. Realistic goals. Set achievable goals: lose two kilograms, increase the number of repetitions of a given exercise, gain endurance or speed in the race? Keep in mind that you need a minimum amount of time to get them when you start out at the gym and that getting them will require some care. Forget"miracles".

3. Progressive intensity. It's essential to start your weekly trainings little by little. The body needs a period of adaptation and you must respect it. You can't go back to the gym after the summer and try to train at the same pace as before the holidays. It starts with two to three sessions a week maximum. Control time and effort, and progressively increase the effort as your body is ready to do it.

4. General overhaul. It's also not a good idea to try to break your record the first day at the gym after the holidays. In the first few sessions, he trains extensively, combining aerobic exercise with strength training (without weight). The purpose is to work on your joints and large muscle groups so that you gain strength, tone and elasticity.

5. Not about training. It's a common mistake you can make on your way back to the gym. The desire to make up for lost time can cause you to train too much time without respecting the precise rest periods. Training in this way will only cause you good stiffness, tiredness, fatigue or a fearsome injury that will delay your set-up even more.

6. Balanced diet without obsessions. You should not go on a restrictive diet, let alone try a"miracle diet" designed to lose three kilograms in a week. Simply put, it reduces your intake of sugars and fats and eats varied, healthy, nutrient-rich menus. In addition to this, increase your water intake to have a perfect hydration to assist you in the sports activity you are resuming.

7. Try something new. It's a great idea to make your return to the gym after the holidays more entertaining and to encourage you not to skip a workout... Have you ever tried running on the treadmill?... Do you know that the flexible treadmill increases the resistance of many of the exercises, such as opening your arms or strides that you do frequently?... The return to the gym after the summer is the ideal moment to discover new options to get fit.

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