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7 useful tips for combining running and gymnastics

7 useful tips for combining running and gymnastics
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Running and training in the gym are not only compatible but also form a perfect combination. Well-tuned muscles together will not only help to boost your power and performance in the race, but rather prevent possible injuries. Discover the keys to combining running and gym perfectly.

There are many runners who alternate the days they go running with those who dedicate themselves to gym routines with the aim of strengthening the muscular mass which, let us not forget, is the support that makes it possible for us to carry out this and any other physical activity.

Running is a high-intensity, high-impact aerobic sport. The lower body, buttocks and legs work especially, but in reality, each and every one of the muscle groups intervenes to make possible the movement in the race, hence the importance of dedicating the necessary time to them so that they can perform their function properly.

Sometimes, it is not enough to run for miles and miles to progress your own brand as a runner. Working in the gym, with specific exercises and with an appropriate weight, can achieve spectacular results in terms of power and endurance, achieving, in addition to this, to perfect the running technique and contributing to a more harmonious development of the entire musculature in a progressive way. Combining a primary sports activity with secondary activities to advance performance in the primary activity is called cross training.

How to combine bodybuilding and running?

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If you have decided to combine 2 sports, you should know that running and going to the gym are two complementary activities, so that practicing them simultaneously implies essential benefits, but you must do them bearing in mind multiple aspects to avoid overexertion or even injury. Some advice to combine running and bodybuilding and to get a complete, efficient and safe training are:

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  1. It is not advisable to do both types of training on exactly the same day. The ideal is to alternate them according to your preferences and taking into account your physical shape, to serve as an example, running 3 times a week and dedicating 2 to strength training in the gym. If you don’t have time and practice running and training in the gym on exactly the same day, distance the two activities as much as possible (running at the first hour and training at the last). If you do both sports in one day, remember that one of the two must be smooth. You can’t run at maximum for hours and then work your muscles in an intensive session.
  2. When you train in the gym, you vary your routines. One day you can focus on the upper area (biceps, triceps, shoulders, pecs), another day you can work on the core (abdomen and back) and another on the lower body (buttocks, legs, calves). If you prefer, you can make a single circuit that includes specific exercises for each zone.
  3. Don’t beat yourself up in the gym, remember that the day after you go for a run. Do short series, with little weight (according to your constitution) resting between series thirty? forty seconds. It’s not about achieving muscle failure. For a runner it is not the best thing to do.
  4. Get plenty of rest. It is essential to give the body the necessary time for restoration to avoid discomfort, soreness or injury. At least one day a week limits your training to a pleasant walk. Remember that the purpose of combining running and gym is to progress your physical fitness by feeling good.
  5. Watch your diet. Your intense physical activity requires a specific diet that includes the carbohydrates that give you energy and the proteins that your muscle fibers demand.
  6. Before doing any of these activities, pay particular attention to the warm-up before and after restoration exercises (stretching).
  7. To gain power and speed in your stride, include in your training in the gym explosive movements: jumps, squats, throwing medicine ball, stride with rotation… are the ideal complement to the work of force.
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Keep in mind these tips for running and training in the gym and you’ll find that this is a great way to stay in top shape and improve your running performance day after day.

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