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8 advanced trx exercises to increase strength

8 advanced trx exercises to increase strength
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Is it possible to train with your anatomical weight and to increase strength and do a complete training? Suspension training with TRX makes a strong case for “yes”. With 2 adjustable straps that can be tied to a door, bar or even a tree makes it an enormously portable tool and serves as proof that nothing unique is required for a tough workout. And because it is based on an individual’s anatomical weight for endurance, exercises can be easily manipulated to accommodate a plurality of fitness levels on the go. To get your feet wet, here are 8 TRX exercises to test on a fast circuit that works the whole body.

8 advanced trx exercises to increase strength

Exercises with TRX

Perform each exercise over forty-five seconds. Exercises marked with an “A” or “B” must be performed in unison in superseries. Rest fifteen seconds between exercises and repeat each superseries a couple of times. So, take a minute’s rest before you move on to the next couple. For exercises involving only one arm or one leg, do the entire first set with one side already before moving to the other side the next time.

1A – TRX Power Pull to one arm

Back, arms and core;

This rowing alteration with anatomical weight adds a power factor to traditional upper back exercise. By working with one arm in unison and turning the torso throughout the exercise, the single-arm paddle also works rotation that helps thrive performance in sports that require twisting such as handball, golf and tennis.

Keep your left arm stretched when you turn face back as in the picture ending with your arms in a “T” way. Then return to the initial situation by pulling the right arm making a bogada and bringing the left arm up. Now repeat this movement for forty-five seconds to one side.

1B – TRX Sprinter


Short distance runners or sprinters are known for their strength and power of the lower train and generally muscular bodies. This exercise simulates the initial situation of a race to offer a challenging blend of cardio, power and strength in one move.

Grab a grip on each and every hand and move forward until the straps are taut and just above your elbows. Put your right foot forward in a stride situation with your heel touching the ground. Lean forward holding your back straight and in one motion push on your right foot until you make a small jump. Let the TRX return you to the initial situation to reiterate the exercise on exactly the same foot.

2A – TRX Press Chest Stretching Arms Face Up

Chest and core;

This exercise is based on traditional flexion with an extra factor of stability and core training. As the straps move independently force the user to stabilize with his arms using the often neglected muscles of the shoulders. The result: greater stability in the shoulders and a well-built core.

8 advanced trx exercises to increase strength

Make the chest press as always and at all times on TRX holding the torso and “core” firm and once up lowers the body while raising the arms stretched out. Then lift the body face up lowering the arms straight and repeat the exercise.

2B – TRX Sentadilla Pistol (On one leg)

: Legs

One of the advantages of working with the TRX is that it allows users to perform complex exercises with or without assistance. The squat “pistol” or to one leg can be quite difficult for many who try it. The TRX offers that extra precise stability to perform this exercise by increasing strength and balance.

Take the clips of the TRX and rest on one leg. Lower your hip face back and make sure your knees don’t exceed your toes.

3A – TRX Deltoid “T” Opening

Back and core

This exercise is similar to birds with dumbbells but the difference is that instead of leaning on a bench upside down you are standing. The resistance is given by the anatomical weight and if we hold the arms straight it is more difficult and if we bend them a little simpler. It is a huge exercise to work the following deltoids and back.

Take a grip on each and every hand and tilt the body face back holding hands together. Try to hold the arms straight and lift the body ending with the arms in a “T” shape.

3B – TRX Strides in Suspension

Legs and core

Suspension stride is a powerful exercise to develop strength and also stability in the hips and undercarriage. Using TRX for this exercise increases balance and works really well on the hip stabilizers. If you want to add some complexity when you get to the top, do a little face up jump.

Place the left foot on the 2 clips and position the right foot forward face well placed on the floor. Keep your back straight, your shoulders face back and your hands on your hip. The left foot should return face to the junction point of the TRX while walking by bending the right leg. It is essential to ensure that the exercise situation does not allow the knee to exceed the toes. Use the right leg to return to the initial situation and repeat this movement.

8 advanced trx exercises to increase strength

4A – TRX Curl of Biceps

: Arms

No routine would be complete without some arm work. Thank God the Biceps Curl in TRX works something but that biceps. By forcing the body to be well aligned, this exercise helps to work the stabilizers on the hips and “core” transforming this preferred into a total body exercise.

With your feet together, hold both hands with your palms facing you. With the high elbows moves the hands face the forehead making the biceps curl. Slowly descend back to the initial situation and repeat.

4B – TRX Femoral Curl

Muscles Legs and core

If you were looking for a way to train the ischia and buttocks this is exercise. The Femoral Curl in TRX effectively trains the entire back and not just the femoral. If you find this movement simple, try it with only one leg!

Place a mat under the TRX and stretch over it looking up. Put your heels on the TRX clips and keep your legs straight in suspension. Push face down with your heels until your hip is lifted off the ground and your body is aligned from head to toe. This is the initial situation. Now continue pushing your heels face down towards your body, your legs should end at 90ยบ and lower your legs again. Repeat this for forty-five seconds.

The TRX can be the perfect tool if you have little space or material to train. While you can’t do everything (some goals require weights or other material), suspension training is a great way to add plurality to a well-repeated routine. Start with these exercises and then expand with other movements or routines that work best for you!

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