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Office work makes us spend many hours sitting down and this can make our lumbar muscles suffer. Hence, pain in this area is frequent and uncomfortable. However, there is a solution, as you can do exercises to strengthen your lower back at home


which we will describe here are easy and require practically no equipment. All you need is a mat and, for one of them, a small bench or stool. Above all, you have to be constant and not force a high intensity at first, as you could hurt yourself. Follow these instructions and you will see how you can strengthen your lumbar muscles





strengthen your lumbar muscles, eight exercises to strengthen your lumbar


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1- Hamstring stretches for freeThe

first thing you should know is that shortening your hamstrings can change the posture of your spine. This would cause you to have back pain, so it is essential to work on the flexibility of these muscles

, for

the exercise we are proposing you should put your leg on a bench, holding your shoulders down and with an upright posture. Then bend your leg on the floor and flex your face in front of you. By the time you appreciate the leg stretch on the bench and support the posture



do this exercise to strengthen your lower back you must position yourself in a quadrupedia posture. Your shoulders will be aligned with your wrists and knees, with your hips. Then you must raise your arm and opposite leg, always and at all times at log height. Very important: in order for it to give the desired result, you have to avoid balancing your body



Buttock stretchingThere are

many muscles that may be involved in low back pain, and one of them is the pyramid. If the muscle is too tense, it can cause pain, so it is essential to stretch it

, lie

face up on the mat and bend your knees, supporting your feet on the floor. Then lift one of your legs and place your foot on the other, near your knee. Then you must take the opposite leg and raise it face to face with your chest, so that the leg you are stretching over will also be raised.


this exercise for a period of between fifteen and thirty seconds for each side


Cat exerciseThe

initial posture you should adopt is in quadrupedal and with your hands aligned with your shoulders. Lower your head between your shoulders and round off your back by lifting it up to the ceiling. Then bring your back face down, raise your head and arch your lower back. You will have to repeat this movement multiple times, but always and at all times slowly and paying attention to each and every detail of your posture



Pelvic elevationThe

movement you must make in this exercise is very small, but pay attention to detail. Lie face up with your knees bent and your feet on the floor. When you are relaxed, you will notice a gap between your back and the ground. This exercise consists of pushing the lumbar area face down while contracting the buttocks and abdomen



short, you have to


that you eliminate this gap over a period of between five and fifteen seconds before returning to relax. Repeat two to five times




must understand that both the abdominal and lumbar muscles support your trunk. They are part of a whole, so that they are united in certain functions.

You will have

to lie face up with your knees bent and the soles of your feet on the floor. Extend your arms before you and bend your neck bending your chin to your chest. You will have to press your back against the ground and raise your shoulders a few inches. Support the situation for a few seconds and return to your initial posture even before you reiterate



Extension exerciseThis

is an exercise of McKenzie's procedure and you will start lying on the floor face down. You will have to rest your elbows and raise your head, and then raise the log by spreading your arms. This will help to strengthen the lumbar region


Side boardThe

side board is an effective and harder isometric exercise. Lean your arm on the mat and lift with your legs straight and your feet together.


with a little time if you are a beginner and see yourself increasing it little by little, since, as we said, it is not easy to do this movement without changing the posture


However, you see that there is a solution. We brought you these exercises to strengthen your lower back. You just have to be relentless to appreciate the results and remarkable relief.

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