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8 practical tips for running at night

8 practical tips for running at night
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8 practical tips for running at night

If your daily obligations do not allow you to run throughout the day, you may have to capitulate and begin to acquire the habit of running at night. In the summer months, you’ll probably even appreciate running at night. However, throughout the winter, both the cold and the early evening can be a brake on the time to practice your favorite sport.

If you love running and want to practice it at night, don’t miss the recommendations we give you now.

How do you run safely at night?

Do you want to start running at night? Of course you can! There is no established rule that distinguishes whether running at night is good or bad. In fact, and in order to encourage you to run at the end of the day and in addition to this, do it in an absolutely safe way, do not hesitate to follow these 8 practical tips for running at night:

1. Wear reflective clothing

When you go running at night, you should pay attention to your equipment as a runner: always try to wear at least one reflective garment in all circumstances. And one of the biggest risks of running at night is exactly that the rest of us are not seen, especially cars, people who ride bicycles, even other runners.

2. Always and at all times in the face of traffic

When running on a road or street with no sidewalk, it is essential to your safety that you choose the shoulder you see cars passing in front of you. This simple gesture can save you a lot of jolts, especially if you go running at night.

8 practical tips for running at night

3. Leave the music at home

It is possible that you have found in music the perfect companion along the times of night running. However, if you run at night, leave your helmets better at home. When you’re running at night, you need to be more attentive to what’s going on around you, and music can be a dangerous distraction. This is also the case with winter hats, which cover part of our ears and take away our hearing while we run. For this reason, if you like to run with a hat, prevent it from absolutely covering your ears.

4. Take your mobile with you

If you will run through areas too far from civilization, and besides this is at night, the best thing you can do is to take your mobile in case you have a mishap or accident.

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5. Portable light

If, on the other hand, instead of running through a lonely place, you are going to do it along the edge of a road or in an area with a lot of traffic, the best thing is that in addition to the reflective clothes, you also take with you a small portable light.

6. Look before you cross the road

Although it may seem like superfluous advice because the whole planet knows that you have to look well before crossing a street or road, when you run at night it is necessary that apart from looking before crossing, you also look for a visual contact with the driver. Thus, you can be more certain that this will brake his vehicle to let you cross.

8 practical tips for running at night

7. Bring your identification document

Whether it is during the day or at night, it is advisable that you always carry some identification with your basic data (name, contact telephone number of a relative, home address, etc.).

Running late or early for dinner?

Whenever possible, try running before dinner and don’t do it right after dinner. And it is that, when you go out to run after a strong meal (the one that exceeds five hundred calories), increases the chances of suffering muscle cramps or sports injuries due to lack of blood supply, even stomach pain or reflux.

However, if you get used to early dinner and leave enough room for your stomach to digest, you may want to go for a run before bed, as running will help you get to bed more relaxed each night.

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