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8 superfoods ideal for athletes

8 superfoods ideal for athletes
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Because of its ability to provide energy and its rich nutrient composition, there are a number of essential superfoods in an athlete’s diet. Fruits, vegetables, cereals, fish? do you want to know which are the best superfoods to exercise and what can you include in your diet?

8 superfoods ideal for athletes

Eating a varied and healthy diet is essential for anyone, but if in addition to this practice an intense physical activity, you must take into consideration that what you eat daily will influence your sports performance. Carbohydrates that provide the “fuel” you need for your training, protein that assists in restoring your muscles and unsaturated fats that take care of your cardiovascular system? The 3 big sets of macronutrients cannot be absent from your weekly menus and if they contain certain superfoods ideal for sportsmen and women, you will find it easier to achieve your goals.

Sport’s allied superfoods

At any given time, sports supplements can be very helpful, but in a natural way, in foods that you have at your fingertips, are each and every one of the ingredients that your body needs to march perfectly. If you practice intense exercise and want to progress your athlete’s diet, include in your nutrition these superfoods indicated for athletes and there will be no one to stop you.

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1. Oats

It is one of the cereals that contains more vegetable protein and in addition to this, is a source of carbohydrates of slow absorption, so that you have fast energy even before training Do you run and face a 10K? Do you have spinning session at the first hour? A good bowl of oatmeal for breakfast is a must.

8 superfoods ideal for athletes

2. Quinoa

This pseudocereal is gradually more present in the diet of athletes for its multiple advantageous properties. Complex carbohydrates, a high proportion of protein, B vitamins, minerals such as iron, calcium or magnesium, healthy essential acids such as Omega 3 and Omega 6? with a similar composition, is it or is it not a superfood for sportsmen?

3. Fruits of the forest

Strawberries, cherries, blueberries? The so-called red fruits are small treasures suitable for taking care of the organism and sustaining its youth and vitality. They are an essential source of vitamins, singularly C and Y as well. Their antioxidant power transforms them into a “deadly weapon” to fight against the free radicals produced by sporting activity.

4. Salmon

Perfect for dinner and grilling. A slice of salmon is ideal for achieving protein of unbeatable quality to assist muscle restoration after intense training. In addition to this, what makes it a superfood to include in the diet of an athlete is its high content of Omega three, essential to sustain in good condition both the cardiovascular system and joints. An ideal food to understand the relevance of proteins in sport and in your performance.

5. Banana

It is one of the essential fruits in the sport, ideal to take both before and after a hard training. Contains a number of sugars (fructose) of simple assimilation, which gives immediate energy to undertake physical exercise or to recover from it. Besides this, it is rich in potassium, an electrolyte that is suppressed with sweat and must be restored to avoid fatigue or cramps that may appear after hours of exercise.

6. Egg

Should you include egg whites in your athlete’s diet? Once scientific studies have proven that it is not responsible for noticeable increases in blood cholesterol, the egg finally occupies its rightful place among superfoods for athletes. Singularly its clear, is an exceptional source of protein of high biological value, the one that contains each and every one of the essential amino acids that the organism requires to be in full form. If you train strength, the egg cannot be missing from your diet.

8 superfoods ideal for athletes

7. Celery

It must also be in this list of superfoods for athletes this vegetable that we take little advantage of and is a splendid source of essential minerals for sport such as potassium, calcium and magnesium. It is rich in fiber, its calorific contribution is minimal and has anti-inflammatory properties that assist the restoration after the effort.

8. Yoghurt

Its richness in nutrients makes it to be included in the diet of an athlete. Protein to strengthen muscles, calcium to care for bones, B vitamins, electrolytes and water, always and in all circumstances essential for good hydration… They are the ingredients of iogur that transform it into a superfood for sport.

Always remember to consult your doctor or nutritionist in all circumstances so that he or she can tell you precisely which are the best foods you can add to your diet as an athlete.

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