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Are you interested in recording your workouts? Maybe you haven't thought about it yet. But it's more than advisable. In this article we will give you the best reasons to keep a training diary and thus check the relevance of following up when you start out in the gym or when you do a sport activity.

If you want to lose weight, stay fit and have a healthy life, 2 essential pillars are what you must take into consideration. One, eat a balanced diet and the second train at home or at the gym. If you're wondering how you can keep track of your training, the answer is easy, with a training notepad, what is a training diary and what are the reasons for having a training diary that every athlete should know about, we'll tell you now.

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How can a training notepad assist you?

Find motivational prayers for your favorite sport and take advantage of every advantage to keep a training diary - ready?

  1. Measure sports performance: writing down the most interesting data about your physical activity will help you keep a loyal record of your evolution and performance. It is customary to remember the records or the best records, but not the worst or the failures that have led us to that result.
  2. It's a huge ally: one of the reasons to keep a training diary in each and every one of your crossfit classes or whenever you go for a run is a great idea to capture the results and improve your technique.
  3. It serves to supervise the physical load and to reflect: it is a tool that apart from examining it will teach you to supervise your physical activity, thus avoiding the over-training. In addition to this, you will understand each of the training sessions by stopping to meditate on them and what other factors of your day after day influence the sport.
  4. Increases self-esteem: One of the advantages of having a training notebook, and for this reason the great athletes have it, is that it raises your self-esteem. Your self-esteem and motivation will increase as you train.
  5. It is a tool for analysis and planning: a training notepad, among many other things, will help you to examine your strengths and weaknesses with the aim of making progress. And you will find factors that will influence the results. For example, if you've recorded less sleep one day, your performance is likely to be reduced as well.
  6. Increase your level of involvement: seeking apologies for not going to the gym will no longer help you, we warn you that having a training diary with goals and objectives will increase your motivation and responsibility.
  7. Prevents injuries: One of the advantages of having a training diary is that you can prevent sports injuries and also identify the cause. Being able to see which activity or exercise is negatively affected, another training plan can be proposed that avoids such an exercise.
  8. Improve communication: if you have a personal trainer, your communication with him will be more fluid.
  9. It serves to warn about patterns: another reason to keep a training diary is that it will help to identify patterns, by setting the hours of sleep, overwhelm or other circumstances we can better know how our body works.

These are the nine best reasons to keep a training diary, remember that you have to know that they don't guarantee that you will progress day after day, if you don't have perseverance and the most essential thing you win, ready to value your training?

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