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9 Ways to Gain Muscle Naturally

9 Ways to Gain Muscle Naturally
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Are you exhausted from being the usual “stick boy” or “skinny boy“? If so, try these nine tips to gain muscle and fight your metabolism to get the body you want.

9 Ways to Gain Muscle Naturally

Today we want to share with you some quality tips to gain weight. We warn you that these tips are really only for skinny kids who really want to gain weight because they barely have meat on their bones. We know what it is to eat at all times and have the feeling of not being able to educate anything. Or the opposite, that the whole planet affirms to you the fortune that you have for being able to eat of everything and not to fatten. These people don’t understand that for thin kids not being able to gain weight is more of a curse than a blessing.

Never say “I’ve tried everything and nothing goes” again. This is the biggest lie you can tell yourselves. At the most, you may have tried two things more believe us, you have never followed the good advice. Hence, here are the nine tips to start gaining weight. We assure you that they will leave you.

Trains less than an hour

Continue with the program of exercises of always and at any moment of your gym but without surpassing 1 hour of training. Be clear that it is more essential to focus on sustaining a high intensity than on never stopping working the muscles. In addition to this, there is no study confirming that doing a marathon of sessions in the gym is better for thriving muscles. Focus on sustaining your rest periods for at least a minute and limit small talk to other members of the gym.

Make eating a habit

In order to gain weight you must focus and mentalize us in making the meals a habit more than an auxiliary thing to the training. Your body is preprogrammed with your genetics. And in your case, you have a very fast metabolism that assimilates and burns carbohydrates quickly. Focus on eating separate meals of five hundred and six hundred calories every two-three hours so as to have your metabolism continuously working and building muscle.

Stop relying on supplements

You have to understand that supplements as their name implies are just supplements. They’re not gonna make you stronger in the gym. The only supplements we recommend are protein powders and perhaps certain Gatorade after exercise.

9 Ways to Gain Muscle Naturally

Take it easy.

As thin kids you have to stop moving around so much. Learn to relax a bit more and also try to limit your activity outside the gym as much as possible in order to use your energy only for a good purpose.

Understand the caloric superhabit

We have heard infinite times “No matter what I do or what I eat, there is no way to gain weight”. Many people believe that they eat a lot and must therefore gain weight. But no matter what you eat, if you don’t gain weight, it means you don’t eat enough. In many occasions, you will have to re-value your diet to focus on thicker and more caloric foods. The point is, you should eat more if you’re not getting fat.

Also, when it comes to changing the composition of the body, sometimes you have to “force” things a bit. Your body doesn’t want to move and doesn’t care about gaining weight. You have to convince him, and yes, sometimes it can be a little awkward.

Focus on progress

As we have said before, your training should not last more than one hour. But the first thing to take into consideration is to be sure that you are making progress with the exercises. It’s very simple but quite a few people screw it up. They train longer and longer until their training lasts up to two hours.

If you really want to gain weight you have to focus on progress and not on counting the number of repetitions you do or the weight increase in the machines. This is all he’s going to do is take your body to the max.

9 Ways to Gain Muscle Naturally

Change the range of repetitions every three-four weeks

Unless you are making great progress in your trainings, we suggest you change the interval of repetitions every three to four weeks to avoid stagnation. By moving the range of repetitions you will make your body adapt to the new “stress” by gaining weight in muscle.

Sack the buffet.

Remember that this is only for really skinny kids? and that is that you have to start going to a law firm once a week. Try eating hysterically in a buffet after hard training so that the calories go straight to the muscles and you gain weight. Don’t do it in an exaggerated way either, but this will train your body to “accept” more food and consequently it will increase your hunger. Take advantage of this strategy.

Consider a Mass Gainer

We know that we have criticized industrial supplements before, but the truth is that if you can’t eat more food, you should estimate a mass gainer. Mass gainer are essentially calories in the form of a milkshake. So instead of eating rice and chicken you can replace it with a milkshake.

This is also an alternative for between-hours. Still this way, make sure you eat at least 3 intense meals a day and don’t take more than 3 supplement shakes a day. Even better, make your natural juices with fruits and protein powders. So, start starting these tips on your own every day and you’ll see right away how you start to gain weight.

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