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To rest, to break with the routine and to give you some culinary whim is something normal and more than recommendable in the holidays but, arrived the moment of the return, it is necessary to resume the routine habits and surely to remove some kilogram more. Don't get obsessed and take note of these practical tips for losing weight after the summer that we suggest.

Balanced diet and some exercise. There is no other way. This is the only formula for healthy weight loss after a few weeks of inactivity and good meals with long after-dinner meals. We know the theory, but at the time of taking specific measures to lose weight after the holidays, questions such as where to start, what diet to continue or how to return to training, can present more than one complexity at the time of implementing them.

Pay attention to this guide in which we tell you the keys so that you can fulfill your purpose of regaining your weight and figure when you return from vacation. With a bit of perseverance and self-discipline, it's only a matter of a few weeks before your muscles thrive, your flexibility increases, you feel diligent and strong again and, of course, it's only a matter of a few weeks before you lose a few pounds.

Plan to lose weight after the summer

The return always and at all times costs, but if you are determined to get back in shape and lose some weight, set it as an achievable goal in the short - medium term. Forget about diets or prodigious products and don't overdo it in your first few days at the gym, so that you end up exhausted, fatigued or injured. Take note of what to do to lose weight after your vacation:

1) Plan your weekly menus

You've been eating what you wanted for a while now and when you wanted to and your body needs a certain period of adjustment to get back to its routine. To make it easier for you, plan an easy, unrestrictive diet. It is essential to re-establish order in your meals, respect the schedule and determine the most appropriate ingredients for the different dishes that will assist you in eating healthy and losing kilograms. Make your purchase list and also include: lean meats, fruits, vegetables, fish rich in healthy fatty acids, skim milk? In short, everything else in moderate amounts to achieve a negative balance in your energy expenditure, that is, to eat fewer calories than you spend on your daily activities.

2) Purify your body

A cleansing diet does not consist of"starving" but rather of nourishing yourself well and assisting your body to eliminate fats and toxins to make you feel lighter in less time. Certain foods are especially recommended when it comes to losing weight after the summer. Drink plenty of fluids: water, infusions such as green tea, and detox shakes based on fruit and vegetables that will provide you with a number of nutrients next to the fiber to promote intestinal transit.

3) Don't give yourself meals and resort to healthy snacking

This is another key to getting fit after the summer. It's not a good idea to skip meals thinking that you'll lose weight before then. Remember that your body burns calories in the process of digestion itself. Keeping your metabolism active costs you nothing and helps you lose weight after the summer. If the worm attacks, you have healthy snacks that should be part of your diet blog post vacation.

4) Resume your sporting activity progressively

If you want to return to your ideal weight after the summer, start exercising by starting your calorie and fat burning training plan. Start with two to three sessions per week at low to moderate intensity and allow aerobic activities to prevail. You can, for example, do outdoor sports such as running, cycling or swimming every Monday and Friday, and spend every Wednesday regaining tone and strength in your muscles by training strength in the gym. Remember that your body needs a period of adaptation to return to training at the same pace as before the holidays. Go little by little and also increase the effort as your body is ready for it. With exercise and a healthy diet, you'll make it!

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