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Abdominal exercises the best diets to lose weight

Advanced full-body circuit (5 movements)

Advanced full-body circuit (5 movements)
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The following routine is designed with the intention of burning fat, challenging the heart rate and increasing the level of physical condition quickly and intensely.

Advanced full-body circuit (5 movements)

This ten-minute workout consists of working the body extremely over twenty seconds. In addition, each exercise has ten seconds of rest before moving on to the next. The watchword of the seconds of rest is to hold oneself in motion, whether trotting, marching or walking. It is essential to time the routine as its primary benefits go hand in hand with the time intervals it contains. Although it is probably tempting to extend the rest period, to take full advantage of the training, the ideal is to meet the ten seconds.

Part of the attraction and functionality of the training is that the athlete begins each exercise without having fully recovered from the previous one. In the course of the series the tiredness will increase and the effort will be greater and greater.

Advanced full-body circuit (5 movements)

Circuit: Fill in the five successive exercises, staying active for twenty seconds and resting for ten. Once the routine is finished, repeat it three more times to fill a total of four games.

Movement 1: Squat jumps

  • Begin standing with legs spaced no wider than the width of the hips. Slide the body face down, leaving it half squat and preparing the legs to jump. Dropping arms face back to assist in the jump. Assist with arms to pull and explode the jump, bringing the knees face to chest.
  • Movement requires all possible strength and enormous care. To land softly, immediately bending the knees, reaching again the situation of squatting and also pushing immediately face up. Repeat this exercise for twenty seconds, rest another ten and continue with the next one.

Movement 2: Seal Jumping Jacks

Advanced full-body circuit (5 movements)

  • Stand with your legs at a distance about the width of your hip and keep your arms outstretched at your sides, parallel to the ground.
  • Jump carrying your legs face out and at the same time your arms in front of your chest, clapping.
  • Immediately bring the body to the initial situation, regulating and continuing the movement for twenty seconds. After resting for ten seconds, continue with the next exercise.

Movement 3: Grand pliƩ squat

  • Place a weight bar over your shoulders, placing your hands on the bar at a greater distance than the width of your shoulders. Place your feet in an extended pleat situation, holding your knees facing outward.
  • Drop with a deep pleat, holding the squat until the upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Turn the body to the left face a lunge situation.
  • Pause for one second and return to the initial situation. Immediately turn the other side and reiterate. To increase the challenge, it is essential to hold yourself as low as possible, keeping your thighs parallel to the ground for twenty seconds. Then rest for ten seconds and advance to the next exercise.

Movement 4: Face-to-face flexions on the sides

  • Start at the top of an iron or flexion of arms. Place your hands precisely under your shoulders holding your legs extended, your feet together and your back straight. It is essential to strengthen the strength of the arms from the abdomen and ensure a straight line from the head to the heels.
  • Take the right hand face that side down certain centimeters and then go further down bending the elbows and continuing the iron. Let the chest down face the floor to thrive the exercise.
  • Push immediately face up, putting the right hand back into its initial situation. Imitate the face-to-face movement on the other side. Continue the exercise, alternating the sides for twenty seconds. Rest ten and continue with the next one.

Movement 5: Dumbbell Plates

  • Hold dumbbells with your hands. Arrange the body in a plank position, placing the shoulders directly over the hands and the weights.
  • Bend the elbows and lower the body, bringing the chest face down and then push face up. Holding the board situation, carry the right elbow face the sky and lift the weight without detaching the hand from the rib cage.
  • Go back to the initial situation and repeat with the opposite arm.
  • Make a “step” face forward with your right hand, as if you were walking with your hands.
  • Do the same with your left hand.
  • It is essential to adjust the feet to accompany the exercise. Follow the movement for twenty seconds.

To carry out this training it is essential to have a stopwatch at hand. Exercise and rest intervals mark the rhythm of the routine as they determine the exhaustion and intensity of each series. This circuit is ideal if you want to achieve results quickly, burn fat, challenge your own body and build endurance.

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