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Have you ever heard of hot oil? It is a combination of olive oil and paraffin oil that stands out for its low calorie content, which is why it is also known as low calorie oil. One drawback of olive oil is the enormous amount of fat it provides us with, which does not always and at all times match our goal of losing weight, so if you follow a low-calorie diet more difficult to achieve the expected result, the calorie oil may be the solution you were looking for.

To get an idea of the difference between olive oil and heating oil, a tablespoon of olive oil is one hundred and thirty-five calories compared to the few thirteen with five calories of exactly the same amount of heating oil. They are ten times less, but if we go to fats we find that the caloric oil provides us with ninety percent less fat than the oil we consume regularly. However, it must always be eaten raw at all times, without cooking or heating it, to give an example as salad dressing or adding it to vegetables or boiled fish.

Health benefits of heating oil

As you may have deduced, the primary property of heating oil is that it helps us to reduce the amount of calories we consume. This calorific reduction reduces the chances of heart attacks, cancer, diabetes, age-related diseases such as Parkinson's or Alzheimer's, helps to reduce cholesterol, prevents nephritic diseases and minimizes the effects of aging on our immune system. It is also thought that, combined with regular sports such as fitness, a low-calorie diet prolongs life.

Beyond the reduction of the calories that we ingest, another of the positive effects of the heating oil for our health is its laxative function. If you have constipation problems, this type of oil lubricates the intestines, making it easier to pass stool. In fact, paraffin oil, one of the two components of achaloric oil, has always been used as a laxative at all times, a property that it retains when mixed with olive oil to obtain achaloric oil.

If we look at the nutrients it provides us with, we find that heating oil is a good source of vitamin Y, beta-carotene and oleic acid, which, among many other things, contributes to the functioning of the circulatory system. Its consumption helps to regulate bacterial vegetation and the absorption of trace elements, stimulating bone mineralization. Its polyphenols are an essential antioxidant, and contribute to reducing the release of gastric juices.

Hot oil and sportsmen and women

One of the keys to achieving the best performance is nutrition, and here the heating oil also plays an essential role. If you play sports, you'll know that you have to supervise what you eat, so we can take advantage of this heat reduction of the caloric oil without losing a pinch of flavour. In fact, its taste is more intense than that of other quite common oils, such as corn, which is going to be the best dressing for our vegetables, boiled fish or even meat, giving them an extra flavor that will help us continue a good diet.

Otherwise, heating oil has no more mysteries. You can find it simply in your usual pharmacy and the fact that it is not capable of cooking does not mean that we should just use it as a salad dressing. You can prepare an exquisite vinaigrette sauce with it, apart from using it for a homemade light mayonnaise. Heat oil is the cornerstone of many low-calorie diets, so it's no wonder that every day it has more and more followers who try to reduce their caloric intake to get rid of those extra kilograms.

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