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All you need to know to snorkel this summer

All you need to know to snorkel this summer
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All you need to know to snorkel this summer

Lovers of the outdoors are sure to collect experiences or have a full list of destinations to visit and perform incredible activities. One of them is snorkeling, a water sport that guarantees fabulous experiences for those who love nature tourism. Snorkeling is an entertaining way to see the colorful and amazing planet that hides beneath the surface of the ocean, such as corals or different genres of marine animals.

The snorkel consists of the partial immersion of the semblant and the body using an equipment called snorkel, that allows to connect with the surface to be able to breathe. Masks and fins must also be used. Therefore, it is essential to know well the peculiarities of the site, to know how to get the best out of the equipment and how to move in the water.

So that you can live this adventure without worrying about the inconveniences and that nothing catches you unpredictable, we are going to give you some tips to practice snorkeling this summer. Into the water!

All you need to know to snorkel this summer

Useful tips for snorkeling for the first time

What should I consider when snorkeling in the summer? Take note of these recommendations to snorkel and practice this discipline safely from the first moment:

Get ready before you start

As with any physical activity, snorkeling requires previous preparation in order for the adventure to be complete and also unforgettable. Remember that snorkeling is different from oxygen cylinder diving and apnoea diving, also known as free diving.

Immerse yourself safely

You don’t need to take a course or have a professional snorkel diploma, unless you want that to be your new profession. For your calm, there are schools and instructors authorized to facilitate the practice of anyone who wants to try this activity. Today several companies and agencies specializing in nature tourism guarantee that your journey by sea is going to be fabulous and safe.

All you need to know to snorkel this summer

Surround yourself with those who know the place well

Exotic destinations offer an infinite number of possibilities but also present dangers. For this reason, it is essential to be protected by serious professionals and trained for any outdoor activity, especially in ignored lands. Ensuring your safety is the first step to success in any adventure, no matter how simple it may seem. When you have a good understanding of how to use the equipment and how to breathe with it, the practice becomes easier. Even children and adults who were afraid of swimming overcame it by practicing this activity. Consequently, continue to the edge of a good professional and leave the adventure only for when you are enjoying the beauty of the fish and corals under the sea.

Choose the right equipment

Despite being a basic kit (snorkel, mask and fins), convenient, quality equipment is essential to make the experience incredible. Experiment with the equipment until you feel comfortable in it. It is very normal that the water presses the mask against your face, but it has to be something bearable. By the way, if you have vision problems, there are graduated masks so you can see underwater. The fins must also be attached to your feet, just as if you were wearing shoes. The snorkel must have a perfect fit next to the mask in order for it to work perfectly. With regard to clothing, you can use swimwear that you have at home, but it is worth investigating the temperature of the water. It may be worthwhile to rent a wetsuit suitable to the conditions of the site.

Finally, more essential than all of the above is to be ecologically responsible. Don’t interfere with marine life, just observe, especially corals. Coral reefs are very fragile and if you touch any piece it may take years or decades to re-grow.

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