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While many runners do not feel the slightest hint of boredom, for some of us it can sometimes be monotonous, boring and boring. If you are used to walking exactly the same path, at the same time and always listening to exactly the same music, you will feel a feeling of incessant.

Boredom means losing motivation, which translates into underachievement. If you don't give everything you can, it's going to be harder to get better. If you don't move forward, you'll end up backtracking, for there's nothing worse than standing still.

So how do you avoid getting bored running? Put into practice the following tricks so you don't get bored running and make your running session a more entertaining and productive activity.

5 infallible tricks to combat boredom in running

Are you the kind of guy who gets bored running? If this is the way it is, it's time to put into practice a series of tricks to combat boredom in Running. In this way, you will make your training considerably more entertaining and you will feel that the time invested has paid off:

Run with a friend

Running should never be an unpleasant experience, so running with a friend can substantially increase the fun factor. In fact, it has been proven that running with a partner is more advantageous for health than running alone. The company will transform the activity into something more social and stimulating. It is recommended that your partner and you be at a similar level of fitness and have exactly the same goal, thus increasing performance and mutual commitment.

Change your route

Always and at all times following exactly the same path will transform your training into something jaded after a while. Instead of always doing exactly the same route in all circumstances, look for new places to run, even if you need to travel with tourism. You can also check your city's websites for convenient places to go for a run. An aspect that you can also change is the surface on which you usually run. If you are used to road racing or flat ground you could move to a surface of land, thus submitting yourself to new challenges and experiences.

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Follow a training plan

Most of us run at an incessant pace throughout our training. This rhythm is essential in running, but there are other training genres, called training systems, that you can take to make your run more productive and also interesting. Here are some examples:

  • Fartlek. It covers different rhythms of intensity along the route. You can walk, jog, run or sprint. The ideal thing is to create a mixture of all of them and to do phases with the different rhythms to make it more enjoyable.
  • Interval training. It is a question of alternating periods of running and jogging or even walking. You can calculate it by distance or meters, that is, you can jog along five hundred meters (or thirty seconds) and then run exactly the same distance (or time). This training will help you burn more anatomical fat.
  • Tempo runs. They are like mini-rides where you try to run as fast as you can over a specific distance. It is about achieving maximum speed over a few seconds, also called explosion speed. Like interval training, tempos runs improve your performance and are generally shorter than continuous running.

Listen to music

As long as it's safe to do so, listening to music while running can be really motivating and give you the necessary distraction to avoid having your training listless. Try to listen to music that has a similar rhythm to that of your career. If music is not your thing, you can also listen to radio shows, interviews or audiobooks.


Running can be a good way to achieve the relaxation you need after a busy day, providing an ideal opportunity to connect with yourself. Try to empty your psyche and concentrate only on the sound of your breathing or your footsteps. It will take a while to achieve this, but with practice it will be easier to leave your psyche of external thoughts blank.

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