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Are you passionate about road cycling? this is the equipment you need

Are you passionate about road cycling? this is the equipment you need
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Are you passionate about road cycling? this is the equipment you need

Colorful clothes, tight tights, glasses, gloves and slippers. Whoever sees a “disguised” runner pedaling through the streets, tracks or roads sometimes does not imagine how these equipments improve the performance of the pedal. But not only does it improve cycling performance, it also increases runner comfort and safety.

Are you passionate about road cycling? this is the equipment you need

If you have questions about what you need to ride a road bike, we’ll show you a list of 5 cycling equipment that improve your pedaling performance. Check for yourself how essential clothing and accessories are for runners pedaling down the road.

Are you passionate about road cycling? this is the equipment you need

Road cycling equipment

Are you going road cycling for the first time? Apart from doing it with the supervision of a specialist, it is essential that you know the precise equipment to practice road cycling, as we indicate you next:

  • Cycling T-shirts. Cycling T-shirts are made to measure for the comfort and performance of the cyclist. They are made of synthetic fabrics that allow sweat to evaporate. Many of them have zippers where the runner can control the ventilation of the body along the pedal. These shirts stick to the body, thus improving wind resistance. In addition to this, they have back pockets to carry tools, food, documents, etc. The tones of these t-shirts are usually of strong tones to stand out from other cars or vegetation and we can locate them in long sleeve, short or sleeveless.
  • Cycling tights. Essential for both beginners and veterans of cycling, these tights are padded with foam or gel in the area of the buttocks and genitals. They are made of flexible fabrics and compress the legs, improving in certain cases the circulation, but eminently avoiding the friction between the thighs that causes burns. Quite a few people who start out in the different types of cycling usually suffer from pain in the buttocks and burns in the mules, for this reason, it is essential to wear tights to avoid it. The costs change according to the brand and the material used to manufacture it.
  • Cycling goggles. The lenses are an accessory little valued among the beginners of this sport, usually by pure ignorance. Cycling lenses protect against the sun, wind, sand, insects and small objects that can impact the runner’s face during a pedal ride. There are also models with yellow lenses, ideal for use at night, which reduce the discomfort of direct light from the spotlights of cars on the eyes of the runner.
  • Cycling gloves. They are another fundamental equipment for both the safety and comfort of the runner, which directly affects performance. They can be opened (leaving the fingers uncovered) or closed, and with reinforced protection in certain areas, such as the palms of the hands. The gloves give more comfort to the hands when we use the handlebars or the brakes continuously.
  • Cycling shoes. We leave this equipment in last place for the fact that we do not consider it to be indispensable for beginner runners. If this is not your case and you already have cycling experience, these shoes are ideal for you. With this shoe you will teach your pedal, holding your feet in a proper situation and with a good point of support. The pedal becomes more perfect, where each and every one of the muscles are in demand, and in a short time you will get an improvement in the pedals. The models of shoes are very varied, depending on the material and the brand.

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