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Avoid these 11 errors in your spinning classes

Avoid these 11 errors in your spinning classes
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Spinning is an incredible and stimulating cardio exercise. Aside from having fun, you can burn up to five hundred calories in a forty-five minute session. Although it may seem super simple, as a general rule many mistakes are made. Here we explain everything you need to avoid in order not to boycott your training!

Avoid these 11 errors in your spinning classes

You’re wearing inappropriate clothing.

Don’t wear any cotton, if you do you’ll be sweaty and disgusting. We know from experience that the classroom environment is hot and you tend to sweat a lot. A pair of shorts or padded cycling tights will make you feel more comfortable throughout the session.

You don’t hydrate enough

Carry a bottle full of water with you and try to drink throughout the entire class. It is essential to have good hydration throughout the day, this will make you feel better about yourself and stress taking care of both your body and your skin.

What’s with the slippers?

Although it is better to have cycling shoes, you can alternate them with other sneakers, but the thicker the sole the better. Thin soles – like Nike Frees – can hurt you when the metal of the pedal gets stuck in the arch of your foot. The shoes that have heels give much more strength and assist the muscle in each and every pedal. So, if you don’t have a pair… I don’t know what you’re waiting for!

You don’t adjust the bike

You just get to class and get on the bike the way it is? You’re at risk of injury if you haven’t already. Bearing in mind the situation of the bicycle, since we take advantage of each and every one of the benefits of cycling class and minimize the danger of injury. Go a few minutes early – fifteen if you’re new – to adjust the bike properly. Now we leave you some tips so that it is perfectly positioned:

  • Adjust the height of the seat so that your knees are slightly bent at the bottom of the pedal travel.
  • Adjust the position of the front/rear seat so that your arms are at a comfortable distance from the handlebars with your elbows slightly bent.
  • If you are a beginner, start with the handlebars in a partially high situation. As you increase your flexibility and become more comfortable on the bike, you can start lowering the handlebars to more or less the height of the saddle.

Avoid these 11 errors in your spinning classes

Are you getting the way you should?

You have to go at your own pace, first learn the sitting movements and as you progress you will be able to stand. Always keep your body under control in all circumstances and focus on your form. Follow this advice to make the perfect class.

  • Riding posture: Keep your shoulders face down, your log strong and keep your posture strong when driving. If you’re sitting with your arms outstretched facing forward and your back curved, you have drawbacks. This can strain the back and cause discomfort.

You don’t move enough.

We have to emphasize our physical condition, and get used to doing crunches, flexes and oblique to a part of the spinning. It is essential to do these exercises while working on different muscles and consequently benefiting our body.

You don’t use resistance

Raise the resistance of your bicycle! Otherwise, you’re not gonna be training anything. Always and at all times there should be some resistance on your bike, and also increase little by little.

Attention with your feet!

When you’re pedaling, the trick is to drop your heel by moving your foot as if you were scraping the mud off your shoe.

Avoid these 11 errors in your spinning classes

Your legs are going crazy.

Riding at high intensity without resistance is ineffective on a stationary bike (and could cause serious discomfort). On your site, try riding at one hundred ten RPM or less. If you start bouncing off the chair, the resistance increases. Monitoring the pace at which you move will develop the power, strength and endurance of your movements.

You use your cell phone

Although some gyms have a policy of not giving up the use of mobile phones, some runners ignore this rule. We invite you to leave the phone in the bag so you can focus on the routine and with yourself!

Do you forget hygiene?

Make sure your clothes are clean – even if they smell good before you start class, sweat can reactivate bacteria. And if you want to smell good and be clean, always use deodorizer under all circumstances.

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