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Basic Guide to Combining Hiit and Liss

Basic Guide to Combining Hiit and Liss
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There are a number of ideal weight loss sports, such as fat burning training methods. It is best to combine different cardio exercises with weights so that the exercises are completed and fat burning is more effective. 2 of the best known sports disciplines at the time of losing weight and being in shape are the HIIT and the LISS. But what is the best way to combine HIIT and LISS training to lose weight? We tell you everything you need to know about this, now.

Basic Guide to Combining Hiit and Liss

Basic differences between HITT and LISS

Today, there are 2 names that are gradually becoming more popular. One is the HIIT and the other is the LISS, and we can combine them to achieve a greater result in weight loss. The best thing is that, before putting on our shoes and preparing to sweat with the cardio, we know better the differences between HIIT and LISS.

On the one hand, the HIIT is a high intensity training and its duration does not exceed twenty minutes. In short, it is a question of giving everything in the minimum possible time, combining peaks of high care with others of somewhat longer recovery.

In the case of hard and short sacrifices, it is advisable not to carry out more than two or three sessions a week. Thanks to these trainings we increase the oxygen capacity and therefore the resistance. It is precisely for this reason that many runners incorporate it into their training, so that it increases their performance and takes longer to wear out.

Basic Guide to Combining Hiit and Liss

The other alternative is the LISS, which is a longer-lasting training with a lower intensity. At the very least, these sessions last forty-five minutes and the intensity is considerably lower. A case of this training would be for example a marathon, where it is more essential that the rhythm is incessant and we can support more time, than a maximum speed.

HIIT or LISS: Which is the best option to lose weight?

If you are wondering if HIIT training or LISS training is better for losing weight, the truth is that the two trainings are convenient for losing weight, the only thing that, depending on our physical form, we should choose one procedure or another, at least at the beginning. In other words, if you are one of those who have not practiced sport for years, we invite you not to start practicing HITT first, because if not, you will probably end up demotivating yourself and leaving it.

The HIIT has a higher proportion of fat burning, but the ideal is to combine the two trainings. To start with the LISS is one of the best options, since it is a training of low intensity, smoother and much less belligerent.

Once we have entered the planet of the LISS and have a routine, we can begin to conjugate it with the LISS. This is a more belligerent training, which requires a somewhat trained physical way, and that will be the most efficient way to lose weight, since you will continue to lose calories, even after you finish training.

Basic Guide to Combining Hiit and Liss

How to combine HITT and LISS to lose weight

As we have said, losing weight with HIIT is considerably more effective, but it is not suitable for people who are not in good physical shape or who suffer from obesity. Therefore, if this is your case, we invite you to start by taking a bicycle, running very slowly, working on the elliptical or any LISS training. What happens is, when you’ve been here a while, you’ll see that you’re not moving forward. This is the moment to introduce the HIIT.

Once your fitness improves you can start with HIIT trainings. In this way, you will add intensity and improve your capacity, your endurance and how not, your weight loss. A good idea is to combine two days per week of HIIT with three days of LISS. If you follow this plan, you’ll see your fitness improve dramatically.

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