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Basic guide to surviving your first popular race

Basic guide to surviving your first popular race
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Are you going to go to your first popular race? It is clear that running is a pleasure. The thousands of running enthusiasts who populate the streets, parks, riversides and anywhere outdoors prove it every day. For the fact that I do. Running is a grateful physical activity, and not only does it begin to bear fruit quickly, but in addition to this, the progression tends to be quite fast.

Basic guide to surviving your first popular race

That’s why people have been hooked on starting to run, and with all that fury, many have resolved to participate in a half marathon, or any other popular race held in their locality or nearby places.

So what can we do to survive our first popular race? Now we give you a series of really useful tips if you started partially recently with training for your first popular race. Keep reading!

Tips for participating in a popular race

Whether it’s a 5k, a 10k or a half marathon. If you are running a popular race for the first time, we encourage you to pay attention to the following recommendations:

1. Start with a career you can support

Find out before you sign up for the distance and time to fill the course. A marathon is not exactly the same as a half-marathon or a popular race for the benefit of an association, or a designated day. Starting with a five-, seven- or at most ten-kilometre-long can be a great initiation experience, which does not require detailed training over a considerable period of time. If it’s been a few months since you started preparing by going out to run with a certain frequency, these are going to be the first popular races you have to face.

2. Make sure you have a dorsal

As we said at the beginning, running is a fever that has hit hard, and when these races put a limit on participants, you have to be diligent to achieve dorsal. In addition to this, in most cases, buying it well in advance means a more affordable cost.

Basic guide to surviving your first popular race

In short, running a popular race or half marathon requires discipline, mental strength, courage and a bit of passion for the sport. Surely you meet each and every one or certain of these qualities, so we want to wish you luck with your next popular race.

3. You’re on time.

On those days, access is often complicated by road closures and limited parking availability. It is necessary to attend in advance if you are going to participate in a popular race for the first time, in addition to this, to be able to fill each and every one of the rituals before the race that are necessary: check the team, go to the bathroom, find your corral, warm up and calm the nerves of the day of the race.

Preparing and warming up well is essential to achieve the expected results. Don’t think that you will run enough now to get tired before, you should know that a light trot will wake up your legs and make the blood move. So when you get to the starting line, you’ll be ready to run at your own pace without exerting too much energy.

4. Don’t wear shoes for the first time

If you want to survive your first popular race, the best thing to do is to wear a shoe that has adapted to your footprint and weight. In this way you will avoid blisters or scratches typical of brand new footwear.

Basic guide to surviving your first popular race

5. Not every water station should be used

Remember: you need to drink water only when you are thirsty to sustain good hydration. Many races have water stations every kilometer or every 2, stop only if it is completely necessary to drink. What is essential is to make sure you drink enough the day before to hydrate your body for race day.

6. Save energy at the beginning

In the popular races it is not strange that agglomerations are generated along the first moments of the tests. Instead of spending energy making your way through the crowd, wait and border the maraboute of people so that, when the maraboute disperses, find your frequent pace of race and reach the last kilometers in better conditions.

You know, follow these tips to face your first popular race with the best guarantees. Good luck and hit it hard!

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