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Benefits of cardio: get the most out of your heart

Benefits of cardio: get the most out of your heart
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The cardio machines offer training developed to strengthen the cardiovascular system, which is composed of the heart and lungs. With the practice of cardiovascular exercise you will perceive a greater capacity of the heart and lungs to provide blood and oxygen to the muscles that work. Cardio machines make you use especially the lower muscles of the body.

Benefits of cardio: get the most out of your heart


Like any muscle, your heart favors exercise. The heart is the primary organ of the cardiovascular system, which gives a continuous amount of oxidizer composed of nutrients, blood, and oxygen to sustain energy. The heart, as well as the lungs, which give oxygen, make the comburent circulate throughout the body by means of a pumping. The heart rate is measured by the number of beats per minute. When there is an increased demand for oxidizer the body moves to provide auxiliary oxidizer, so the heart rate increases to meet that demand.


Inactivity is a primary hazard contributing to the emergence of diseases of the cardiovascular system. Regular training with a cardiovascular exercise program is one of the best ways to strengthen the cardiovascular system and prevent heart disease. There are different genres of cardiovascular training machines, and you are free for each and every level and need.

Benefits of cardio: get the most out of your heart


Cardio training machines give precise activity for the improvement of cardiac and pulmonary function. The best way to train is based on the principle of overload, which states that the body has to work at a higher level than normal in order to generate better results. Cardio training increases the demand for energy, forcing the heart and lungs to increase their capacity to generate oxidant. Satisfying the auxiliary demand that the body needs throughout the training, causes a strengthening of the heart and lungs.

Types of machines

Treadmills and stationary bikes appeared as indoor machines so that runners and runners could train even in bad weather. Their popularity began to thrive, and soon health clubs provided dozens of them for their facilities. Currently, there are many machines that offer cardiovascular exercise and they are free in most gyms and health clubs. Elliptical ladders and bikes offer high-intensity training with a low wear effect on the lower part of the body. Oars offer cardio training for the upper body. Today’s machines give information about distance travelled, calories burned and heart rate.

Benefits of cardio: get the most out of your heart


As with any form of exercise, it is advisable to consult a physician before starting a program. Selecting a cardio machine that you feel comfortable working with and that is suitable to the level of fitness you have is essential to sustain motivation. In order for a plot to generate a profit you must use it, not by having it you are going to get in shape.

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