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Bkool smart bike, the smart bike for training at home

Bkool smart bike, the smart bike for training at home
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Sport and technology come together in Bkool’s new bike to get the most out of your indoor cycling training. To achieve the best fitness results, effectiveness is essential. An efficiency that you can achieve thanks to each and every one of the functionalities offered by Bkool’s new intelligent bike.

Bkool smart bike, the smart bike for training at home

Do you want to explore your limits with the best spinning instructors? Do you want to train with a program tailored to your body and needs? Ride the best mountain passes on the planet without leaving your home? You can locate each and every one of these possibilities and more in the first and only Bkool Smart Bike. We tell you everything now!

The world’s first Smart Bike

In feelforfit we want to be part of the avant-garde in everything related to the planet of sport and fitness, so you never stop getting better. In this sense, BKool Smart Bike, the first intelligent bike to train at home, brings together everything we can ask of an indoor bike.

The first Smart Bike on the market is a further step in indoor cycling training there. In this way, technology is put at the service of sport so that you can perform, not only at the limit, but rather in a way convenient to your body and needs. In sport, how is equally essential as how much, and this includes a training molded to each person. For this reason, Bkool Smart bike is presented as an indoor cycling simulator that performs a previous test to configure an adapted training.

With the use of gaming technology, this indoor bike lets you recreate a cycling session: from a spinning session to a tour of virtual or real mountain passes. Connectivity is one of the key features of Smart Bike Bkool that lets, for example, your spinning trainer program your training at a distance. In this way, the resistance is automatically regulated to achieve the purposes set by the instructor.

What’s a Smart Bike for?

As we told you, is a bike that has a simulation system to get the most out of your training. Thanks to the technology of games for video consoles, sports simulation is very much used on the planet of elite sport, for example. Thanks to Smart Bike, the most advanced technology for training reaches each and every audience.

Bkool smart bike, the smart bike for training at home

With Smart Bike you will be able to carry out spinning and cycling sessions from the comfort of your home. In addition to this, let you connect with the best trainers and bike enthusiasts around the world from your mobile, tablet or notebook.

The intelligent bike helps you optimise your training, make the most of your time and achieve your goals. Objectives that you are going to achieve because they are adapted to your needs. The result? Your motivation will have no limits thanks to the adapted challenges.

How does Smart Bike run?

The operation is simple: its core is connected to the Internet and through the application you will be able to regulate each and every one of the functionalities of the bike. To use it, just connect the bike to the power and your device (mobile, laptop or notebook), choose your training mode and you’re done.

You can continue your training on the screen of your mobile phone, which connects to the bike via Bluetooth to configure it according to your preferences.

  • Do you want to tour real mountain passes? As a game, you will be able to walk the paths, and the resistance of your bike will be adapted to the route thanks to the virtual marches.
  • Do you want to do a spinning class without leaving home? Connect with your mobile to the spinning sessions and you will be able to continue them in rigorous direct. Your teacher will program your bike without you having to touch anything.

What are the technical peculiarities of Bkool Smart Bike?

  • Handlebar support for your smart phone.
  • Automatic resistance: System of magnets that leaves one thousand five hundred different resistance situations.
  • It can achieve up to 1.500W. The resistance to pedaling is automatically adjusted to the level of care of your Indoor Cycling session.
  • 45 kilograms of weight.
  • It can achieve up to 1.500W. The resistance to pedaling is automatically adjusted to the level of care of your Indoor Cycling session.
  • Q factor one hundred and seventy-nine mm. Same as outdoor bikes.
  • Firmware updatable from the internet. No cable required to upgrade.
  • ANT+ Wireless Connections, Bluetooth Smart.
  • Stealth rollers.

The functions of the App

  • Initial fitness test.
  • Connecting with other players.
  • Video or 3D routes.
  • Online classes and videos.
  • Real time data: power, pulse, cadence, calories burned.
  • Adapted training.

In feelforfit we have had the opportunity to try Smart Bike and we have seen first hand the revolution that this bike represents for indoor cycling. For this reason we have not hesitated to add it to our catalog. Despite the cutting-edge technology used, its use is intuitive and very simple, so it is not necessary to have much knowledge, it is enough to connect the bike to the Application. The bike fulfills our hopes for a smart bike.

Bkool smart bike, the smart bike for training at home

Are you a bike enthusiast? And thanks to BKool Smart Bike we can go there more in the training.

Because limits don’t exist…No ride, no life!

Do you have any questions about Smart Bike? Consult with us, we will solve your doubts.

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