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The Body Computer is a class that combines exercises from 3 different disciplines: Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates with a nice background music. The duration is usually fifty-five minutes. With this structured series of movements, situations and stretches we improve our flexibility and strength, while also providing a state of harmony, calm and balance. To attend a class you only need light and comfortable clothing and a yoga mat to do the exercises.

The Body Computer is highly recommended for people who lead an overwhelming or hectic lifestyle and feel tired all the time. It is also ideal for those who suffer from postural problems and people who wish to prosper in flexibility and well-being but do not have a high level of impact.

What exactly is Body Computing?

Below we show you the traditional format for a Body Balance class. Each trimester new music is used and the choreography is changed to keep the classes entertained.

  • Warming up with Tai Chi: The easy and fluid movements of this old Chinese discipline leave the day after day in the background, focusing on oneself and warming up the body.
  • Sun Salutation: It is a sequence of traditional Yoga movements that warm your body to a greater depth, stretching and strengthening the key muscle sets.
  • Yoga: Poses like the warrior pose and the triangle pose strengthen and strengthen the whole body.
  • Balances: Concentration allows mind and body to adjust to the challenge of compensating for postures.
  • Hip Openings: Focuses on stretching to gain greater flexibility and freedom of movement in the hip and lower back.
  • Core Training: Use Pilates and Yoga exercises to strengthen the abdomen and back muscles.
  • Forehead twists and turns: This is a series of postures and stretches to create flexibility in the hamstrings and back.
  • Relaxation and meditation. The last ten minutes of class give us the mental and physical advantages of meditation, thus improving the effects of the exercise we have just completed.

Surprising Benefits of Computer Bodywork for Your Body

The Body Computer has abundant benefits for our body, but also for our psyche. Although it is not a hard and intense training, all our muscles are stimulated and we gain the flexibility that perhaps another genre of more powerful training does not allow us to develop due to a strength-related approach.

  • Improves joint flexibility and range of motion
  • Reduces levels of stress and anxiety
  • Promotes good posture and also increases the strength and stability of the core (abs and back)
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Improves cardiovascular function
  • Corrects and prevents back problems
  • Provides a sense of well-being and calm
  • Abstracts us from our surroundings and increases our awareness of ourselves
  • Helps restore symmetry to the body. Often part of the body is thinner or less flexible than the other and this imbalance can result in injuries, pain or muscle discomfort.
  • Increases calorie burning at rest by toning muscle mass.

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