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Bodybuilding and running: the perfect alliance

Bodybuilding and running: the perfect alliance
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The runners who are entrenched, know that apart from running, it is essential to strengthen the muscles, achieving strength to achieve their goals and thus take advantage to activate other muscles of your body.

Bodybuilding and running: the perfect alliance

If you are a beginner or have an intermediate level, this article is also made for you. Since when you must run you will need to make a stride as best and as efficient as possible.

Our specialist in bodybuilding and nutrition David Costa, author of the procedure Strong is the New Sensual, explains the relevance of strength in the race and the relevance of training with weights. Exercises from your procedure #CFStrongSexy.

The winning combination

Contrary to what many can meditate, bodybuilding complements runners. In addition to this does not brake or reduce flexibility, but the other way around, a convenient training in bodybuilding will let you have a better step and a musculature exercised, which will be able to support your body in the right situation.

Therefore, to assist in progressing efficiency and timing, which are the most essential points, you will need to focus on strength training.

Bodybuilding and running: the perfect alliance

  • Abdominal strengthening: For each and every one of the exercises of this set you will need to have a certain situation in arms and legs, this way you will achieve a perfect contraction in the abdomen. For example, the exercise proposed now, in which you start in a plank situation and leaving the body straight, you incorporate a few small jumps face the inside with your knees.
  • Ankle Extender Strength: Each and every exercise that requires an ankle mobilization. This includes the seated or standing leg press and specific athletic and squatting exercises.

The choice of strength training is essential, but the intensity of the effort is equally essential. Indeed, for many sports, doing squats with one’s own anatomical weight seems sufficient, but it is not intense enough to force your body to conform, and therefore to prosper. It is for this reason that depending on your level of training cycles can be made series of five to fifteen reiterations, which means that the weight used must be heavy enough to make repetitions properly and even be able to do one more at the end of the series. In other words, you have to be careful!

Keep in mind that for certain beginners, however possibly over 1- three weeks, doing squats with anatomical weight is enough to start building the muscle, but from there progress will begin and weight will have to be added.

The result of this work will be more powerful muscles, which will leave a greater production of force for each action, a better use of flexible energy support, a defined posture, a harmonious body and therefore greater resistance to fatigue piled up throughout a race.

All these elements combined allow you to have more fluidity in the march and to prosper the times of chrono. All this simply by the fact that your body is more efficient!

Bodybuilding and running: the perfect alliance

Training session following the guide Strong is the New Sexy

The Strong is the New Sensual procedure, apart from having many tips on training, progression and nutrition, is a complete twelve-week program. In this program, you will continue your physical preparation methods intensely, efficiently and above all, adapted to your level. In fact, the use of auxiliary weights allows you to easily adjust the effort, movement and number of repetitions to perform, specific to your level. However, variations are also proposed for certain exercises.

To advance in your careers thanks to bodybuilding, we present you for the first time 2 trainings of the program #CFStrongSexy concrete for the undercarriage.

Training 1

Training two

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