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The January slope is very heartless. Partly because it puts you in touch with the harsh reality and makes you realize that your promises and goals are not as simple to fulfill as you imagined in the new year. Because of the vagrancy your fabulous plan to lose weight is failing. If it's any consolation, acknowledging it is the first step. Above all, because now that you know what keeps you from losing weight, you can work out a strategy to find solutions.

The best thing you can do is to reconsider your purposes and minimize the situations of danger you may have. To give you an example, if you think that your main problem with burning calories is that you are lazy about going to the gym, you will have to find more practical alternatives. In such a case, it would be best to look for a routine that you could do at home each and every day, that is quick and simple, that does not need any auxiliary equipment and with which you can work the whole body.

At feelforfit we are committed to assisting you. So, we bring you a complete circuit that you will be able to do at home and that will only take you ten minutes to finish. Remember, if you want to look your best in the summer, now's the time to start working. Ready?

1. Step Up & Chest Pull on the sofa

You work: Hamstrings, buttocks, quadriceps, back and arms.

Get right in front of and facing your couch holding a straight, stiff posture. Then, raise your right foot and put it back on the sofa cushion. In your hands, you're going to have to hold a horizontal bar keeping it exactly the same height as your shoulders and with your arms totally tight, trying to move the bar as far away from you as possible. Then put your two feet on the couch and get up. As you do this movement, you must bend your elbows to bring the bar closer to your chest. The purpose is to form a right angle between the forearm and the arm. That counts as a reiteration, you're gonna have to do eight reiterations per leg.

2. Declined iron with shoulder touch

You work: Pectoral, core, back and hip.

Start with 2 feet together on the sofa or in a chair. With the top wood, you will have to hold a situation to do push-ups, supporting the palm of your hands on the floor. Make sure the distance between your two hands is slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. With your body completely strong, move your right hand away from the floor and touch your left shoulder. Then put it back on the floor. Do the same with your left hand. That counts as one reiteration, you're gonna have to do eight reiterations.

3. Climbing plate

You work: abdominal, oblique, chest, shoulder and dorsal.

As with the previous exercise, you should start with 2 feet together on the sofa or a chair. Also, your hands should be the same as before, resting on the floor and with a distance slightly greater than the width of your shoulders. With your body absolutely sturdy and without bending your hip face forward or face backward, raise your left knee face to your chest and then return to the original situation. Do the same with your right knee. That counts as a reiteration, you're gonna have to do sixteen (eight with each knee).

4. One-legged squatting

You work: quadriceps, buttocks, twins and core.

Stand right in front of your couch and turn your back on it. Move your left leg face forward, trying to hold it completely stiff without bending your knee and with your foot pointed towards the ceiling. Now, you're gonna have to bend your right knee just like a squat. The goal is to bend it so far that you end up sitting on the couch. Keep in mind that, throughout the whole exercise, your left leg has to remain absolutely strong and with your foot pointed towards the ceiling. When you get to sit down, go back to the original situation. That counts as a reiteration, you're gonna have to do ten reiterations per leg.

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