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Buying guide i – spinning bikes

Buying guide i – spinning bikes
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The acquisition of a good cardio equipment can represent the success or failure of our personal training. Here you will get the necessary information to know which bike to buy, according to your needs.

Buying guide i - spinning bikes

What are spinning bikes?

The indoor cycle or spinning is an aerobic training, one of the most practiced by users in gyms. It can be practiced by anyone, regardless of age, and is usually practiced with music.

With spinning we will train, primarily, the areas of the quadriceps, femorals, adductors and twins.

What should we look at?

If we have already started to look at spinning bikes to acquire, we are going to have seen that the vast majority have an expensive cost, due to materials, transportation and design. At part of the cost, there are many more variables to estimate. First, we advise you to delete those that you do not like visually, either by color or by fashion.

Most spinning bikes come semi-mounted so with a few easy steps we will be able to start enjoying it.

Assembly steps:

1) Insert the handlebars

2) Fitting the saddle

3) Screw on the pedals

Make sure that the bike is adjustable, at least the saddle and handlebars, to be able to adjust we will achieve a better training more varied and reduce the possibility of injury. Good extras such as water trays or MP3 players are variables to be taken into consideration.

Finally, we can see that the store (whether electronic or physical) offers a payment plan to finance the acquisition and be able to acquire the bike that best suits our needs.

Technical characteristics

Roll: The flywheel is recommended to be heavy, minimum 14kg and optimum between eighteen and twenty-two kg. In this way we will achieve a gentle, safe and effective training. The more weight the smoother.

Buying guide i - spinning bikes

This is one of the peculiarities to take into account, if the weight of the steering wheel is very low we are going to be small in the medium term.

Resistance/Brake: Resistance can be magnetized, recommended for being stealthy and progressive, or by friction.

In the market we find different braking systems in spinning bikes, knowing the peculiarities of each of them will let us select the bike that best suits our needs.

Friction: a single shoe that vertically presses on the flywheel/inertia wheel (plug system).
Friction: two shoes (skate brake), is exactly the same system that is used in road bikes. Composed of 2 shoes that press the flywheel on its sides.

Friction systems require maintenance, while brakes wear out depending on use.

Magnetic braking: through magnets that without contact with the flywheel produce a magnetic force that brakes the flywheel.

This braking system, apart from being stealthy, requires no maintenance. In addition the resistance is progressive without jumps.

Weight: The weight of the bike is usually insignificant but we must take into consideration the maximum weight of the user.

Transmission: We have 2 classes of transmission, it is responsible for transmitting the movement of the legs to the inertia wheel: By chain or by belt. The first is more reliable and economical and the second is more stealthy and soft, more expensive.

Usually, the models but economic use the chain at the same time that the high range models opt for the belt.

The main differences are:

Buying guide i - spinning bikes

The chain system requires maintenance: chain tensioning, greasing…
The belt requires no maintenance

The chain system is somewhat thunderous while the belt is very stealthy. It is true that for some people the sound of the chain is a part of the indoor cycling experience, but it is an essential factor if you plan to exercise at home.

The straps are but normally resistant than the chains.

Materials: You should look at the spinning materials we should look for a steel frame and the best is an aluminum wheel. We must also take account of the saddle materials, which can be hard or soft according to preference.

Monitor: The console may seem like a “chubby” but only far from reality. The console will help you, to a great extent, to motivate and to make the exercise more enjoyable. When looking at consoles we are going to see that there are many indications, make sure that revolutions, time, speed, distance and heart rate are shown.

What do we achieve with spinning?

The main advantages of spinning are to burn calories, increase cardiovascular endurance, improve blood circulation and increase lung capacity. As is logical, being a bicycle you gain strength above all in the legs, which refines and defines the buttocks.

But the benefits are not only physical, to feel better physically will result in a psychological improvement, will reduce levels of anxiety and anxiety.

We strongly recommend to accompany the training with a good balanced diet, this way we will strengthen the muscles and lose weight at the same time.

In conclusion, with spinning we achieve a strong cardiovascular training through an enjoyable practice, which is usually accompanied by music.


Spinning Bicycles of First prices:
Bodytone Covadonga: thirty-three thousand nine hundred?
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Fytter RI-05R: thirty-four thousand five hundred?
View Product
Fytter RI-07R: thirty-nine thousand five hundred?
View Product
Medium Indoor Cycle:
Halley Fitness Hirondelle: fifty-nine thousand nine hundred?
View Product
Nordictrack GX 8.0: 695.00?
View Product
BH Fitness SB3 Magnetic: eighty-seven thousand five hundred?
View Product
The top spinning bikes of the High Range:
Keiser M3i: two hundred forty-two thousand?
View Product
Life Fitness LifeCycle GX: one hundred and eighty-nine thousand five hundred?
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