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Cardio exercise is ideal for burning excess fat and achieving great muscle tone. Take advantage of the free equipment in your gym and take note of some tips for using your cardio machines correctly, now.

The exercise bike, spinning bike, treadmill or elliptical treadmill are certain devices that can help you burn calories and keep you fit. They are simple to use and provide many benefits when exercising. With them, you get your heart moving by improving blood circulation while getting a better definition of your whole musculature. Losing weight and increasing your endurance is possible with the unbeatable aerobic exercise that these devices can give you.

To get the most out of every minute you spend working on cardio machines, it is essential to know them well and not forget certain guidelines for using cardio equipment properly.

The keys to training in cardio machines

There are many benefits that cardio equipment offers at the time of aerobic training, but sometimes we do not achieve maximum performance due to failures when working with them. Look at certain details that will make you use the basic machines of cardiovascular training properly.

Adapt the machine to your specific needs

The height of the saddle and handlebar of the bike, the resistance of the elliptical or the inclination of the treadmill? It is a common mistake to get on a cardio machine and start training without going through these details, which are essential for you to be able to use it conveniently and optimize your workout. You must also monitor the resistance of the device so that the exercise you are going to do has the right intensity you need to improve. If, for example, it doesn't cost you anything to hit the pedals, or on the contrary, each pedal stroke is a great effort? The cardio machine's not working as it should.

2. Your posture

The good use of a cardio machine depends largely on your starting position and how you support your body throughout the exercise. If on the elliptical you hold the abdomen and buttocks contracted, you will not only burn more calories but you will also strengthen the core area, thus doubling the efficiency of the device.

3. Change your routines

It's the key to getting the most out of gym cardio machines. If you always and at all times do exactly the same training on them, with exactly the same times and exercises, your body will get used to a level of incessant care and the machine will lose efficiency. In the alteration is success. Change your speed on the treadmill, include a high intensity interval or intersperse minutes on a slope; try to walk face to face on the elliptical or ride"countercurrent" on the rowing machine. If you pedal at exactly the same pace and for exactly the same minutes every day, you are not using the cardio machine properly.

4. Increases the effort in a progressive way

Even if you are going to work with gymn teams, the warm-up continues to be essential in order for you to take care of your expected results. In addition to this, when you start exercising on any cardio machine, always and in all circumstances start at a gentle pace and gradually increase the intensity. Control your heart rate starting with a care that does not exceed fifty percent of your capacity and increasing it until you reach sixty percent - seventy-five percent (always and in all circumstances depending on your physical condition).

5. Consistency

The free devices in the gym are a help in designing our weekly training but they don't work miracles. Using cardio machines well requires perseverance when training. If your goal is to stay in good shape, you should exercise in them at least a couple of times a week in twenty to thirty minute sessions. If, in addition to this, you want to lose a few kilograms, it is best to do an aerobic workout on machines such as a treadmill, a bicycle or an elliptical trainer, which lasts at least forty minutes. You will appreciate the results of your efforts in less time than you think.

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