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I'm sure that more than once you've gone on a diet and started exercising regularly, and even though you've lost all those extra pounds, your body has still lost that unsightly fat located on your abdomen, thighs or arms.

If this has happened to you, don't worry, because it is normal that after a diet supplemented with exercise you will achieve these results. However, the best alternative option to lose weight in unison that your body gets rid of localized fat and fights fluid retention is the sport tandem plus cavitation, ideal allies to fight localized fat... You haven't even tried it? Since the time has come to get going.

Cavitation, the perfect complement to physical exercise

Cavitation machines have become an essential tool in many gyms and beauty salons. The reason for this worldwide success of cavitation is determined by the efficiency of this procedure in combating localized fat in certain areas of the body.

Cavitation is not a slimming treatment, but rather a very efficient complement to exercise to get rid of the excess weight in unison that we shape our figure and fight against fluid retention.

Ultracavitation machines operate essentially by ultrasound. After many years of research, it has been discovered that ultrasound applied to a liquid medium causes the creation of microbubbles.

What makes the cavitation in question, is that those micro-bubbles that are found in our body, press hard on the adipocyte balls (which are the ones that have the located fats). And by means of this strong pressure, they are able to break the cell membrane of the adipocytes and release, therefore, the fat they have inside them.

Tips for getting the most out of cavitation

According to certain beliefs of the cavitation treatment, once the sessions are over, it is normal to feel that the areas that have been treated are somewhat more flaccid.

For this reason, and from here, your willpower must come into play through an exercise routine combined with a diet to help your body get rid of the fat that, since the cavitation treatment, has become liquid.

The success or failure of cavitation is largely determined by the physical exercise and diet established after the treatment. For this reason, many are those who lose several centimetres of anatomical volume through cavitation, but as they do not accompany the diet treatment and convenient exercise, they recover this volume in a short time.

In addition to diet and exercise, another perfect complement to cavitation is massage or lymphatic drainage. Through them, you can remove the fat that has become diluted in your body after cavitation.

To get the 100 percent benefit from your cavitation treatment, you should also avoid eating all kinds of fats, either overly pickled or spicy foods. This type of food usually slows down kidney function, which complicates the drainage of fat that has been diluted through cavitation.

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