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We often focus mainly on the rectus abdominis muscle (six packs) and forget to exercise the entire lump, the obliques. It is not good to forget them to have a completely balanced body, and to assist you here we present some concrete exercises for this muscular set, which we guarantee you that if you start doing them regularly, you will start to see results.

The best thing about this series of exercises is that they employ a huge plurality of angles, movements and contractions which will cause these results to be seen even earlier.

1. Static Obliques

This kind of exercise is overly efficient! Stand on your side stretched out on the floor with your back straight and your arms crossed, slowly raise your legs in unison and face your torso. Squeeze the sides/obliques. At the point of maximum concentration, hold for forty-five seconds. Don't worry if it's impossible to endure forty-five seconds in this situation at the beginning, little by little you will be able to endure more time, repeat this exercise for the other side.

When you are able to withstand these forty-five seconds, you can add a dumbbell between your feet. This will strengthen the obliques.

2. Side Plate with Knee Lift

Start by placing one arm on the floor, while the other arm is raised face up. Now stretch out the arm that was supported and squeeze the obliques.

Alternate your feet first one and then the other, you should take them to the middle of your chest as far as you can. Holding if possible over 1 second the knee in the chest.

Make fifteen reiterations per side or as many as you can. Make sure you hold your body straight! When this exercise becomes too simple, try to hold your knee in your chest for a while.

3. Russian Spin with Medicine Ball

For this exercise it is best to take a bench of abs and put it in a forty-five degree position. If you don't have it or can't use it, you can use it on the floor. Sit down and then squeeze the entire abdomen, making sure you hold a perfect posture.

Don't arch your back! Once in position, extend your arms in front of you and then slowly turn from side to side, from left to right.

4. Abdominal Crunch with Pulley

This type of exercise is one of the few in which weight is used. Hold the triceps rope with both hands, get down on your knees in front of the pulley and with a low impulse, tighten the rope with your abs, once down to return to the initial situation, do it little by little so that you can work better.

5. Lumberjack with pulley

They are a way to integrate some activity, in the action you burn fat into this routine of oblique obliques. Not only do we exercise this muscular group, but also our chest, arms and back. First configure the pulley slightly under your chest.

Stretch out your arms absolutely and swing them across your body strongly. Maintain the situation for 1 second at the end of the movement and slowly return to the initial situation.

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