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Designs the best crossfit training for runners

Designs the best crossfit training for runners
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If you are a runner and you want to include in your training other activities that will help you meet objectives and prosper your marks in the race, try to combine running and crossfit, 2 very different sports that can complement each other perfectly. We assist you in designing the best Crossfit training for runners with a few easy tips.

Designs the best crossfit training for runners

What to take into consideration when combining running and crossfit?

More and more runners have decided to integrate crossfit and running in their weekly training plan and have achieved great results. The crossfit technique is based on the development of very varied exercises, in an intense way and with a minimum rest time between series, that is, it is an anaerobic training. Running, on the other hand, is an aerobic activity, which involves making a journey, approximately long, at a given pace and over a set time.

Although they may seem like opposing activities, running and fitness is compatible and can bring you essential benefits whenever you do it following a series of essential guidelines so that your care gives the results you expect and is not counterproductive.

1. Running stardom

If your objective is to progress in the race by introducing a crossfit session in your training it is essential not to lose sight of your goal. The combination is good, but running should continue to be the primary sport, to which you dedicate yourself in depth, and crossfit only a complement. Trying to carry out the 2 activities with exactly the same intensity is a failure.

2. Great planning

It is the key to success and therefore it is more than advisable to have the advice of a monitor or personal trainer. Your work plan must be adapted to your peculiarities and possibilities, always and at all times taking into account your objectives as an athlete.

Designs the best crossfit training for runners

There are multiple ways to organize your crossfit training for runners. The majority of professionals consider that the ideal thing is to run one day and make crossfit the next, leaving a third day of total rest, although everything will depend on your physical condition. If this plan is too hard, a good alternative might be to include a single crossfit session in your weekly plan.

Among the most demanding options, which are aimed at high-level runners, is the possibility of combining running and crossfit in the same training session. In such a case, one must first practice the race and finish with certain crossfit exercises, never the other way around.

3. Crossfit in short sessions

The crossfit technique involves very varied movements that work in depth the musculature of the whole body. It includes intense functional exercises: squats, dominated, jumps to the drawer, rotations with kettlebel, abdominals, dead weight? so, if you want to run the next day, you must limit the time of your crossfit training. twenty-thirty minutes are more than enough for a runner.

Designs the best crossfit training for runners

4. Respect the times of rest

If you don’t, you will fall into overtraining and could even end up with an injury. If you combine runnig and crossfit, training each and every day is unthinkable. Crossfit works your muscles and they need to rest to thrive and increase their strength and power. You will have to leave them a couple of days a week “free” to get their unbeatable restoration.

Benefits of integrating crossfit and running

There are many benefits to joining running and crossfit as long as you follow the guidelines. In running, it is the muscles of the lower body that work the most and a well planned crossfit session will help to strengthen not only the muscles of your legs, but those of your whole body in a balanced way.

If you run, the crossfit will increase your flexibility and agility achieving, in addition to this, greater endurance especially if you do long runs. Crossfit muscle development also enhances stride power and helps you hold the proper posture along the entire run as you run.

As you can see, running and crossfit training are more than compatible, we insist, always and in all circumstances combined in the right way.

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