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Did you know why it’s important to row in the gym?

Did you know why it’s important to row in the gym?
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When we talk about aerobic exercise in the gym we always press on the exercise bike or the elliptical bike. However, we forget about a very interesting device that allows us to carry out a complete training of the whole body, such as the rowing machine. If you’ve just started out in the gym, you’ve probably seen or heard about the rowing machine in your gym, but you’ve probably never decided to try it out, not knowing exactly what the rowing machine is for or the muscles involved in the movement it does.

For this reason, we are going to reveal the importance of this multifunctional device, with different benefits and that affects multiple muscle groups, and decide to start as soon as possible with the rowing machine, which is ideal for combining with aerobic exercises such as running and anaerobic exercises such as bodybuilding.

I’m sure you didn’t know these five benefits of the rowing machine

What exactly can the rowing machine help me with? You’re going to ask yourself. Now, you will learn the main keys to understand why it is so essential to use the rowing machine in the gym by means of all the advantages it can bring you. Knowing all the benefits of exercise can make you decide to use this machine the next day you go to your fitness center:

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1. Let each and every muscle work

The whole body works simultaneously when rowing. Both the upper and lower legs, arms, back and abdominals pull the paddle while performing the movement. It’s a fast and easy way to build muscle if you don’t have the motivation to start at the gym or if you have little time for weight training.

2. Ideal for recovery from an injury

Believe it or not, rowing is an ideal exercise for rehabilitation after an injury due to the low impact on the joints. In this sense, rowing is more advisable, according to doctors and physiotherapists, than, for example, running. It will also help us prevent further injuries when we start out in the gym or by playing any other sport.

3. Helps burn many calories

It is an exercise with cardiovascular and aerobic work. For this reason, it is advisable to do so at a later age, from the age of forty, when hypertension and vascular danger are more frequent. In addition to this, it burns countless amounts of fat. In half an hour of training, more or less, with the rowing machine you can burn about three hundred calories, that is, an amount similar to the amount that would burn, running exactly the same time, a person of about seventy kilograms.

4. Improves endurance

Rowing will help you to achieve a greater resistance that will be useful when practicing any other sport, such as football, basketball or swimming. This is an aerobic workout where the body does not remain still at any time, in contrast to body building.

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5. Strengthens the lower back

Sports instructors recommend working the lower back at least once a week. Strong lumbar support will allow us to lift heavier loads in the gym with less danger of back injury. However, if you don’t work the technique well, rowing can go from being advantageous to damaging to your lower back, which could suffer injuries during exercise.

As you’ve seen, the benefits of the rowing machine are many and varied, so you might say it’s an exercise that’s suitable for the whole planet, don’t you find one that would be ideal for you?

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