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After a long period of non-exercise, it is quite normal to have trouble resuming it. Your head over and over again reminds you of all the good things about sports (losing weight, defining yourself, taking out all the bad energy and stress you're carrying with you?), and while you know the theory by heart and repeat it to yourself daily, getting into practice is a more difficult step.

Why is it good to exercise from home?

It's simple to apologize daily. The most usual ones are"I don't have time" or"I have the gymnasium far away and I don't feel like moving". Surely it is quite difficult to take 1 hour out of our day after day to dedicate it to more sport, what if we set ourselves a more realistic goal? what if we start by dedicating ten minutes a day to taking care of our body? Here the apologies fall apart? And in addition, thanks to new technologies, we can do it from home with videos and tutorials for each and every one of the modalities.

Benefits of exercising at home:
  • One of the biggest advantages when exercising at home is that you can schedule your schedule and practice sports whenever you want and the moment of the day you have time (in the morning before going to work or when you arrive at night). You don't have to depend on your gym schedule to practice sports, you are free to exercise when you can and have free time.
  • You don't have to wait shifts or wait for a machine to be free to use it, as it happens in the gym. With the gym at home you will not have this problem and you will be able to do your training freely and without any kind of interruptions. In addition to this, many exercises do not require specialized equipment and apparatus. Functional exercise is a clear case, the one you do with your body weight can be as effective as the one you do with equipment.
  • Exercising at home also allows you to motivate and share with the people who live with you, and is a healthy activity that brings them together and gives them a common goal - why not have your partner or your flatmates exercise at your side?
  • Finally? it's cheaper! Joining a gym is a monthly subscription, the gasoline of tourism and perhaps hiring a personal trainer. Who will charge you to use the facilities in your home? It's free of charge!

DIETING, your home gym

And exactly speaking of this, searching and searching we have found one of those indispensable tools for this kind of daily exercise. Dieting is an online gym that you can find on the web and is also a platform for a healthy lifestyle.

In Dieting you will be able to locate each and every one of the services to GET a healthy lifestyle tailored to your goal.

  • When you subscribe you get access to more than 100 VIDEOS OF EXERCISES of each and every one of the disciplines: yoga, pilates, abs, toning, cardio, cardio, cardio-tone, stretching, cardiobox? so you can practice exercise from YOUR HOME!
  • There are different teachers, levels and duration of the classes that are sure to fit your needs.
  • They give you a CALENDAR ADAPTED to your level and objective, which you will be able to alter whenever you want, adding the classes you like the most to your calendar.
  • If you do EXTRA ACTIVITIES such as running, paddling or even walking, you will also be able to write them down to keep track.
  • In addition, you will be able to observe your WEEKLY EVOLUTION: the classes taken, the minutes of activity, the calories burned... and compare between different weeks!
  • And so that you don't lose your motivation, YOU MAY BE able to set specific weight goals, burnt kcal and minutes of activity?
  • They also have over 80 easy and healthy recipes for slimming, vegetarians, water retention and lowering cholesterol, etc. Turn your dishes around and incorporate inventiveness!

Dietary Guidelines for Completing Exercise

In Dieting they not only take care of the exercise, but also of those little changes in nutrition that will make you achieve your goal. Among their services are diets, routines and plans. They have up to five different plans with unbeatable plurality to meet your needs:


  • To lose weight, and thus assist you in eliminating those extra pounds.
  • Healthy habits, so that you feel better about yourself.
  • Definition, you will eliminate fat without losing muscle.
  • Toning up
  • Flat belly
  • Dietary pattern
  • Two-week menu with each and every one of the scheduled meals.
  • Routine training with the exercises you like the most.
  • Healthy and easy recipes so that you enjoy the diet.
  • During the first month, you will have weekly monitoring where you will be able to ask your questions with your nutritionist... and 24 hours a day!
  • Recommendations and advice for your day after day.
  • Purchase list with each and every ingredient you will need for your meals.
  • Monthly subscription to the online gym of Dieting so that you can enjoy your classes.

The plan you are given is designed to be carried out over a period of 1 month. But if you want a plan for more than one month, you can buy monthly bonuses for as little as thirty-nine? They will send you the plan before you finish the previous month's plan so that you can continue it, with a new training routine, new menus, new recipes and new tips.

If you don't find the plan you're looking problem! Send an email to and they will help you achieve it in less time than you expect.

It's one of the best platforms we've found on the net and that's why we wanted to give you advice from feelforfit..;

Dieting website


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